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Burning During Urination

So a few months back I had some dull pain in my testicles that caused me and my girlfriend to go get tested and they tested us both for syphilis, gonnorea, and chlamidia (pardon my spelling). Both of our tests came back negative for everything and I was pleased and the doctor basically told me that she did not know what the pain in testicles was coming from. So I shrugged it off and eventually that dull testicle pain went away but here I am today and ever so gradually over the past month, it started out as a slight irritation in the tip of my penis after I finished urinating and then gradually turned into what I am feeling today more frequently which is a bit of burning/stinging when I urinate and a slight irritation after I finish that lingers for a minute as well as some occasional pain of the penis. I also find that my urine happens to smell a bit more than usual and that it is possibly cloudier than normal. I find that the burning/irritating after I urinate is worst when I wakeup in the morning to urinate. Is it possible that the STD tests did not pickup on something? What should I do?
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Also, how's your water intake? Your caffeine and alcohol intake? Caffeine, alcohol, and even juices can be very irritating to the bladder, which can irritate your urethra. Increase your water intake and see how you feel.

Also, Dave's info about it being irritation from checking could be really accurate. Leave it alone for a few days, increase your water intake, and see how you feel.
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Hi, the best way to see if you have an infection (other than testing) is to milk your penis first thing in the morning before urinating and if no white puss comes out you can pretty much rule out an infection. If the stinging is mid way inside your urethra it could be an injury to a nerve. If the irritation is only at the tip it could be you causing it yourself from constant pulling it checking for things.
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