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Can dgi appear after 2 and half yrs, from oral sex?

Hello, so in the end of aug 2017 I had unprotected oral sex which last a matter of seconds, 2-3 days after I developed a burning sensation with inflamed visible bumps on pharynx which finally subsided over years. 2 weeks ago the middle joint of my finger swell up, the course of amoxicillin helped but it's gradually coming back. After reading a lot I ran over dgi so my question is, is it possible for e.g. if 2 and half yrs ago I got gonorrhea from oral sex, could it progress to dgi just now? Can it take that long for it to progress? I wanted to test many times with a throat culture swab but my country doesn't support oral gono test. Am I just over reacting? It's hard to resist the dark games out minds play.
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In 2017, did you give or receive oral sex? It sounds like you gave it, since you want a throat swab. Did you give it to someone with a penis or vagina?

It's possible to transmit gonorrhea by oral sex, but the chances are lower than via intercourse. It's higher if you gave it to someone with a penis than a vagina, but oral is still lower than intercourse.

Also, if it was just a matter of seconds, the chances of you getting are very, very slim.

Did you ever get your throat cultured or examined to see what was causing your symptoms? What did they think was causing it? Most of the time, oral gonorrhea doesn't cause symptoms, but if it does, it's just a sore, red throat, maybe a fever and some swollen glands. It's not bumps in the throat.

Lots of things cause bumps in the back of the throat - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326292#symptoms
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No I didn't get tested, it was mouth to penis contact, I gave oral. I couldn't get tested because my country doesn't have oral tests for gonorrhea. My dr.only said it's some sort of a chronic infection, nothing else... But if it is gonorrhea for example, does it take 2 yrs and 8months for it to progress to dgi or that's impossible?
No, you wouldn't get symptoms that far out. Time from infection to symptoms is usually 1-3 months.

Thank you very much for your responses
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