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Chances of getting genital warts

Yesterday I met a guy, we touch and kissed. He kinda sit on me and I rub against his butt alittle but I not sure if my penis have contacted his anus. When I put on my condom and opened his butt, I saw visible warts at his anus. I asked if he know he have warts and he told me he know and his going for treatment. I was very upset that he did not inform me before engage in physical contact with me. I am circumcised, I want to know am I at high risk getting genital warts on my penis or not. I couldn't sleep last night worrying.
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Did you go ahead and have sex with him?

If you didn't, chances are pretty low that you'd get it from brief contact that you aren't sure happened.

If you did, even with a condom, yes, you're at risk for getting it, though the condom reduces the risk a lot.

Keep in mind that while no one wants HPV, chances are really good that you have already had it, at least one strain of it, anyway. Most experts feel HPV is an inevitability if you are sexually active now, and most people will never get symptoms.

That said, I don't blame you a bit if you said no to having sex with him. Just because you may get it doesn't mean you should guarantee it.

Have you been vaccinated for it? There are vaccines for the most common strains. Talk to your doctor or your local STD clinic.

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Hello thank you so much for your reply. I did not go ahead to have sex with him, I just stopped. Yes it's seem like a brief contact but not sure how long he set on my lap with my penis exposed to him. May I know why is it good to have one strain of hpv? I have not been vaccinated, but I learned that I will examine ones body before I  engage in any sexual activity.
It isn't good to have a strain of HPV - oh , I think you misunderstood me. I meant that it's really likely that you've probably already had at least one strain of HPV if you've been sexually active. It's very, very common.

Talk to your doctor about the vaccine. And yes, looking at your partner's body for symptoms is a good idea. :)
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