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Condom in protective anal sex


Today I had protective anal sex with a female prostitue of unknown status. The condom suddenly broke and I pulled out immediatly (this happended way before ejaculation). I am afraid that I caught any STDs or HIV. Please advise.

Many thanks.
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I agree that this is a really low risk event since you pulled out so fast.

If you need to test for peace of mind, that's fine, but I'd suspect they will all be negative.

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Thanks alot guys for your answers.
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According to my research your risk is very low for the more harmful STDS for this one brief exposure. I would recommend a free full STD panel from your health department if only for the peace of mind. But you'll have to wait until the appropriate window for testing, they can advise you on that. Probably you'll need 2 tests in total. If you get anything it'd most likely be something bacterial and easily curable.

I just completed my Chlamydia treatment. Easy process. I asked around and come to find out half my friends already had it and just never mentioned it out of embarrassment. I have an oraquick HIV test i bought for $50 from walgreens. I plan to use it a couple of hours before my clinic visit tomorrow. False positive is 1/5000 so effectively zero but false negative is 1/12 from user error. The other diseases are mostly curable now. HIV worries me but its treatable and unless you do risky things often the odds of catching are low.

My exposures so far are: One accidental but protected MM interaction. The person didn't mention not being born female and it was dark. 2 situations where the condom was sucked off while I was penetrating a female vaginally. Both of these ladies were part of a dungeon/club I belonged to and were high risk. The condom broke inside another high risk female but as you described above I pulled out quickly. I gave anilingus to a high risk female who had made herself bleed by being too rough. I rinsed my mouth immediately after I tasted the blood. I did cunnilingus to a few high risk girls at various times and had protected sex with other club girls a few times over the years. In my monogamous relationships while dating I had unprotected sex with 7 females who I felt were safe.

This happened over a 2-3 year period and so far all I've caught was chlamydia. That's not to say the above behavior is safe or wise I'm just saying statistically and anecdotally you have nothing to freak out about. Just get tested.
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