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Could this be HPV

Ive recently noticed a slight bump around the lip of the head on my penis.  Its basically the same color as the head but it def looks like a slight growth or just that portion of the head is different from the rest.  And by that I mean its noticeable to me.  Also, it appears to have some flaky dead skin on it from time to time, usually in the mornings.  It kinda rubs off and definitely comes off after a shower.  Ive had no other symptoms but I'm worried this could be a wart of something else?  This has been going on for the past week now, about to enter week#2.  Does anyone have any idea what this sounds like?  I would post a pic but it doesn't appear that we can?  

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It could be a wart, or a fungal infection, dermatitis, eczema, lichen planus, or a long list of other possibilities. The only way to know, unfortunately, is to see a doctor. You may need a biopsy to know for sure. A wart doesn't typically rub off in the shower, so go get this checked soon. It's not likely serious, but if it's a fungal infection, you could transmit that during sex, or it could spread, so you'll want to treat it. Don't attempt to treat it yourself - you could make it a lot worse if you use the wrong thing.
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