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Do i need to be tested for any STDS?

Today I had protected sex with this woman, which was a sex worker. At first we had protected sex and it ended the session with protected fellatio. Now i wasnt sure if she washes her mouth afterwards, but at the second sesion, she gave me UNPROTECTED fellatio, and then we continued with protected sex. This concerns me because i just realized that she probably didn't wash her mouth after the protected fellatio, which means the vaginal liquid was definitely still in her mouth. Since she gave me unprotected fellatio afterwards, do i need to get tested?
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This would be an incredibly inefficient way to transmit an STD, and the STD probably wouldn't have had time to infect her mouth to transmit.

However, if she gives unprotected oral sex on a regular basis, she could have an existing oral STD and transmit it to you. It's a lower risk than unprotected vaginal, but still a risk.

You could get gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes type 1 (if you don't have oral hsv1 already), and NGU. Most experts don't think one act of unprotected sex warrants testing. If you have a regular partner, it might be worth testing.
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Considering that this might be the first time i see her, by regular basis would that mean seeing the SAME worker multiple times?
Oh no, I'm sorry. I meant if you had a regular partner like a girlfriend or wife that you might infect if you have something. If you have a girlfriend or wife, you might want to test so that you don't pass anything on to them.
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