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Do man need HPV test?

Do a man need to do HPV test after an unprotect oral sex and protected sex?
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There is no test for men for HPV.

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Thankyou,but do I need to worry about it?I mean the possibility and the risk of getting it even in protection...
More than 90% of sexually active men will get HPV at some point in their lifetime. Worrying about it will not change that fact. The only way to ensure that you never get HPV is to completely abstain from sexual activity. It is just a risk that comes with sex.

You should check with your doctor and see if you are eligible to receive the HPV vaccine series. It is highly successful at preventing the virus, though if you already have HPV, the vaccine will not cure it.

I agree totally with this.

You can get HPV from unprotected oral, but those strains are the ones not associated with visible warts, so you wouldn't see symptoms.

Condoms offer significant protection, but not full.

If you want to reduce your chances, get the HPV vaccine, and use condoms, or refrain from sexual activity.

Let's just get it out here, instead of a series of questions.

Did you go outside a relationship? If this is anxiety or guilt, you should see a qualified professional for that. I've already explained the risks you had from the encounter with the sex worker.

Also, please keep your questions to one thread so it's easier to scroll up and see your risk in one place. Thanks. :)

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