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Epididymitis symptoms and diagnosis after unprotected oral??

My scenario: I had unprotected oral given to me on Friday, May 22. I did not ejaculate and it was uncomfortable/bruising (girl was not a pro). Sunday, May 24 I had a severe headache and felt ill (like cold/flu) that evening. I also started taking penicillin from having a root canal done. On Monday the 25th I had a burning sensation after I urinated and that night I had chills. Tuesday the urine pain continued and that afternoon I got tested for STD (full urine & blood work). Tuesday night I had to urine at least 2x than normal and after each urine session there was pain (stinging/burning), and a constant dripping of more and more pee for about 1 minute. Wednesday I bought and drank cranberry juice and more water...Wednesday night I urined 4x as much, same pain as before, testical discomfort was now added, but urine stayed rather clear/light yellow, and i kept feeling like I had to urine even long after I went. Thursday the 28th the results came back as negative on all STD/HIV. I stopped the penicillin meds and cranberry juice. That night the urine pain was less intense but still present. There was a stain in my underwear that resembled dried semen (white in color) The testical pain got worse and localized. Very tender at this point. Could not sit long and walking was with a wobble. Pain is not stinging but more like I got kicked in the balls! Friday the 29th i had a sharp pain in my abdomen when I woke up. I got seen by a doc who diagnosed me with epididymitis and gave me levofloxacin (500mg). Today is Sunday, May 31...the urine pain is under control (I can feel a slight tingle but definitely not burning like it was); the swelling is still there; no colored discharge/pus to speak of; urine still drips after I pee but for shorter length of time; I take ibuprofen but it's not doing anything as far as I can tell; urine smells a little like cemen; discomfort and "kicked in the balls" feeling is still present and gets really bad if I sit too long, or move around too much; it stays mostly in the back of my left 'nut' all day and night (one side) but then will gradually make my whole sack feel the same. Following, my testicles will be reddish and super heated, then sweating occurs like I went running; pain/swellings is generally tolerable when laying down, but sitting long than 10 min makes the pain flare up so dramatically I feel the need to visit the emergency room.

My question(s): was i properly diagnosed? Did I get tested for std too soon? Should I get retested? Should my mistress get tested? Should I get an ultrasound? Does oral normally cause this? What other bacterial/viral infections can cause this to happen to me from receiving oral? If I had sex with another girl after getting the oral done, should she get tested too??

Thank you and I apologize for being long winded and overly detailed.
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pain in testicle is a symptom of some STD, Clamydia at least.
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Pain the your left testicle has nothing to do with your initial exposure you described.  (unprotected oral sex).

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think so?

The pain in my left testical has gotten dramatically worse! I have an appointment with a urologist tomorrow. Guess we'll see.
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Can't say as we can't say what is exactly wrong, sounds more anxiety related.
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:) thank you for replying!

The last thing you noted makes perfect sense, too.

How long do think this pain and swelling will last?
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You were properly  diagnosed considering your exposure (which was a LOW risk type exposure for anything STD related)  unprotected oral sex.

You asked: Did I get tested for std too soon?
Answer: NO.

You asked: Should I get retested?
Answer: NO

You asked: Should my mistress get tested?
Answer: all mistress' should be tested.

You asked: Should I get an ultrasound?
answer: NO.

You asked: Does oral normally cause this?
Answer: NO!

You asked: What other bacterial/viral infections can cause this to happen to me from receiving oral?

Nothing STD related.

You asked: If I had sex with another girl after getting the oral done, should she get tested too??

Answer: assuming you only received oral.  Then NO.  Oral sex is a low risk encounter.

Since you are thinking about STDs.  We encourage you to keep reading these forums are consider getting your HPV shots and using a condom --even for oral sex.    You'll feel alot less worried and won't have to come here to type out your stress.


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