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Fellatio Risk

I received unprotected oral sex on Wed 13th Oct 21 with a woman (single exposure). I have observed no symptoms within 5 days of exposure. I have read on the site that that initial symptoms show up generally within 5 days for Gonerreha and herpes? between 2-5 days for most people for new infections.

1) As it has been 5 days so far and I am displaying no symptoms, is it good news that I have no symptoms in turn less likely to have contracted a STI?

2) what are the odds of contracting a STI during fellatio with a unknown STI/HIV status woman? such as 1 in 10,000?

3) I know I am low risk for STI, would my odds of acquiring a STI be 1 in many thousand?

My mind is racing at the moment. Experts on the site say testing is not required for single oral sex exposure and they would resume sex with their partner/wife without testing as the risk is very low.

4) why are the experts confident in not getting tested and resuming sex?
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Herpes sores appear typically within 2-20 days, and syphilis sores at 3 weeks, but syphilis is really uncommon in most developed countries, and you aren't at all at risk for HIV.

*You are only at risk for genital herpes type 1 from oral sex, if you don't already have oral herpes type 1. You can't get the same type again in a different location. You can have it without having symptoms - most never get symptoms.

I agree totally with grobick about the odds. We don't have actual transmission stats, and oral sex is a lot lower risk than intercourse is.

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On the Government website, it says on average it takes 6 days to get herpes symptoms. I am guessing it means the initial outbreak for most people.
The average is 4, according to the US's CDC, but the range can vary a bit depending on the source, and the typical range can be 2-12 on some sites, and 2-20 on others.

Yes, that is the initial outbreak. Every person is different.
thank you for your advice. it is helping to put my mind at rest.

What are the odds of catching herpes via oral sex (male receiving)? Is it something like 1 in 10, 000?

It is day 6 I cannot see any noticeable spots/blisters on my penis.....
You are overreacting. Knowing the exact number will not help you dodge the infection. I strongly suggest you should stop chasing numbers and address your anxiety issues. Herpes is very unlikely for you, while anxiety is a real problem.
We are not hiding the number. The truth is it is very variable. It may be higher for some people and much lower for other depending on individual immune system specifics.
Totally agree here. We have no idea if you already have oral hsv1 - 2/3 of adults globally already have it, and 90% never have symptoms - in which case, your chances are zero.

We don't know if your partner had it. Chances of you getting anything from a one-time oral encounter are low enough that experts don't think it warrants testing. I don't know if you have a fear of STDs, or went outside a relationship, or just have anxiety, but your risk is low.
My apologies, I caught Chlamydia twice when I was younger which may have caused my anxiety. It has now been 9 days without obvious visual  spots, blisters, sores and pus symptoms on my penis. Since the oral sex, everyday I have applied antiseptic/antibacterial cream on my penis which my penis is soft and moisturised but it does tingling a bit on the softer lighter skin. One of STD experts on here, hook, I believe said if you don't develop symptoms within 10 days, you have to assume you are in the all clear and require no testing. However, I have ordered a free STI home test kit (urine/finger blood) from the NHS (United Kingdom) which tests for the main 4 Chlamydia, gonerehea, hiv and syphilis. In the UK, if you don't have symptoms, you have to order a free home test kit (worth 70 us dollars each) which you are allowed to order 4 free home STI tests a year. I intend to get tested and post samples this Wed then I have to wait a week for results. I am hoping to expect negative results as I am not displaying symptoms within 10 days (hopefully).
I'm surprised the NHS doesn't offer testing for NGU, because they do have it on their site -


Why are you putting antibacterial cream on your penis?? You have no reason to. It won't cure anything if you have it, and since you have no need for it, you might end up with irritation or a fungal infection - it's killing good bacteria on your skin that will result in a fungal infection.

I'm sure your tests will be negative.

Please, please talk to someone about your anxiety. I say that with compassion, and no judgement, but please do.
Last post.

I will take your advice and talk to someone. Also, I will stop putting cream on as well as you said it could make it worse. I don't know why I did it.

I am guessing I am out of the woods now as I have displayed no symptoms at the 10 day mark (except anxiety)?
I am not sure about the magic power of "10 days mark". We might put it that way: the fact you haven't developed any symptoms at 10 days mark is a good thing. It doesn't guarantee anything, though.
It is not that you are "out of the woods" or "not yet out of the woods". You are putting yourself into the disturbed state of mind, not thinking clearly and chasing magic numbers just to feed your anxiety.
Stop putting cream on your penis and concentrate on dealing with anxiety issue (counseling, talking to people, taking a nice relaxing trip into the woods... no pun intended)
it's day 14 and the test kit has not arrived (may be another week). At present, I am displaying no symptoms on my penis. today I dipped my urine using a 10 test reagent strip for urinalysis (dipsticks) , all normal ranges including for leukocytes and nitrites.

last two questions

1) am I in the all clear for herpes as it has been 14 days? I can continue unprotected sex. Initial outbreak 2-12 days generally.

2) does ngu/gonerreha bacteria show up on urine dipsticks (positive for leukocytes and nitrites if it detects pus)? if so require further testing with the proper tests.

I am guessing that dipsticks would detect pus as the results would be positive for leukocytes and nitrites.

Dr Hook etc (experts on here) said they would resume unprotected sex after 10-14 days if they are displaying no symptoms after oral sex.
1. Most probably, yes.
2. I do not find those dipsticks reliable for any testing. Neither NGU nor gonorrhea can be ruled out or diagnosed by those.
Dr. Hook's advice is very solid, I see no reason against it.
But our advice to address your anxiety issues is even better.
I agree with all of this.

Let's try to remember that all of this is from one encounter of oral sex, which Dr. Hook and other experts don't feel warrants testing at all. Your anxiety definitely warrants some kind of focus, though.
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1. Yes, good news. Most cases of acute gonorrhea start before that. NGU symptoms, on the other hand, often start after a week post-exposure.
2. Odds are very low. It is very hard to assess risks in cold hard numbers. Does one in thousand really sounds scarier than one in ten thousand? Both seem pretty safe for me.
For HIV your risks are even lower.
3. You sure like numbers. Numbers may have magic powers, but they can't cure anxiety, while you totally have some anxiety issues.
4. Because the odds are too low. If you are worried, it is always a good idea to get tested.
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thank you for your advice. I have not seen any pus or spots or blisters forming on my penis it's day 6. I am guessing I would have to wait one more day to see if I am out of the woods for practical purposes. After 1 week, I am guessing it will be highly unlikely that I have caught something.

I like odds as it puts my mind at ease if I hear that the likelyhood of catching something from oral sex is 1 in 10,000 chance.
Hi, I am from the UK, and our free National Health Service (NHS) does not recognise and discuss NGU/NSU as it does not have it on their information site/leaflets. I am guessing it is not common.

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