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Freaking out

I'm a 19 year old male and I'm super worried I may have contracted something :/

2 1/2 weeks ago I gave oral sex to a women for a few minutes, which was followed by a brief vaginal insertion. (only 1-2 minutes). Only 2-3 later, I started feeling off: cold-chills, runny nose... 2 days later (5 days after the stint) my tongue began to feel burnt (rough), accompanied with a seriously bad sore throat, nasal congestion, and the urge to sneeze. I also noticed very small red dots on the backs of my hands (vesicles?), and pain under my ears and on the backs of my hands. Moving forward up until now, I developed severe congestion that drains down my throat, irritating it further. I still have cold-chills and feel very sickly (achy and feel crappy). I also noticed my eyes feeling itchy.

I visited a doctor 2 weeks ago when my throat started hurting, they ran a strep test: negative

I visited my family doctor 2 days ago, and he said it was obvious that I was fighting something. He said it could either be a garden variety virus or more likely, a bacterial infection. He prescribed Cefnidir 300mg twice a day, for 10 days. He seemed certain it was an infection in my throat or surrounding it, especially after looking at my throat (very red) and when I mentioned the small dots.

So far I have been taking it as scheduled, currently on my 4th dose of it (day 2) and nothing has changed. The only thing I notice is fatigue after taking it. (sign that it's working?)

Can anyone confirm these symptoms as being part of a common virus or bacterial infection? My biggest fear is HIV, I don't think I could handle that diagnosis. I'd even be relieved to hear if this is symptomatic of a less serious or even curable STD.

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If you're pretty sure then you just gave me a ton of relief.
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I see your symtpoms, they are not of a STD.
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I went for a sick visit, that's what I ended up with. I was just asking for some reassurance, hoping it's only that and not something like an STD.

This is all new to me, sorry. I should have clarified and highlighted only the symptoms.

My main concern is whether or not this is symptomatic of an STD

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Those are symptoms of a cold not a STD.
This is a STD specific forum so can't speak about antibiotics on a cold.
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ps. I suffer from severe anxiety; recently have come off Celexa (a few months back) which makes everything seem awful. I plan to resume it, as I'd rather deal with the side effects than be crippled by worrying. Yet it's hard not to be at this point...

My main current symptoms are....
Nasal congestion, with serious drainage
Sore throat
Pain under ears (nodes?)
small red dots that come and go, leaving a little trace of it behind
General malaise

My main questions are....

Does this sound like an STD, if so possibly which?
Or does it seem like a simple viral/bacterial infection?
How soon after taking the antibiotic will I notice an improvement?
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