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French kiss with three different girls


I am a virgin and not a sexually active person. but recently I started using dating apps and that urged me to go out with girls and do deep french kisses with them.

I have never tested positive for an std but I know for sure that I have one kind of herpes because I got a fever blister on my lips a few times in my life.

I felt a little sick recently, I felt a bit fatigued and got a fever blister on my lips and very little lymph node swelling under my chin. could that be HIV and what other STDs i should test for?

Thank you
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No, there is no risk for STDs or HIV from kissing. You just have a recurrence of your herpes simplex virus 1, or hsv1. Hsv1 is not considered an STD, but that can be transmitted by kissing and oral sex. It's very common, though. Definitely don't kiss someone while you have an active sore, and let your partners know before having oral sex.
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I feel guilty that I have kissed the girls. I did not know before that fever blisters are actually herpes. is there a chance these girls did not get HSV1 from me? I heard that 90% of people have one kind of herpes. not sure how accurate this info is.

What about in the future? if I got married to a girl without STDs. can we kiss without herpes transmission?

90% of people in the world have some form of herpes, either type 1, type 2, or both.

67% of people under 50 have hsv1 globally. There is a good chance that they didn't get it from you, either because they have it already, or because you weren't contagious that day. People with oral hsv1 shed the virus - where the virus is active on the skin but have no symptoms - about 255 of days a year, on average.

When you get married, if your wife already has it, you don't need to worry about it. If she doesn't, you can take an antiviral medication to help reduce the risk of transmitting it to her.

Most people who have it don't get symptoms. Your partners may need to test to find out if they have it.

It's not something you need to feel guilt about or worry about.

Thank you Dr. I appreciate your help.

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