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Frequent Thorat pain and recovery and getting pain again.

I have been getting throat infection and pain 3 times within a month. Though the climate here is very cold in southern part of India, I doubt whether this could be a symptom or indication of HPV related infection and I fear it could lead to Throat Cancer. I am an active oral sex partner to my girl friend.

My doctor says its sore throat due to cold whether. Could any experienced or expert throw some light on my doubt and fear.

Thanks in advance.
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There are no experts on this website, it's just folks.  What I can tell you is that cold weather has no effect in and of itself on getting sick.  That has to do with your immune system, and sometimes cold weather does put stress on people that causes the immune system to weaken.  But you say you've had 3 throat infections, and an infection is a very different thing from getting a cold or having a sore throat as a result of getting the flu.  If it's an infection, I assume you've been on antibiotics, and if that's true, the antibiotics could be the reason for the recurrences of the infection as they harm the immune system as they kill off the bad guys they also kill off the good guys that protect you.  But if you're just saying you've gotten a raw throat 3 times, it could be you have a cold or virus that hasn't gone away yet.  It could be tonsillitis, though your doc should know if that's the case and you'd be pretty sick.  You don't say if there are any symptoms other than a sore throat.  It's not the sex.
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Thanks  for the response. Appreciate it. :)
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