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I got a bloejob from a sex worker about 2 months ago. It only lasted about 20 seconds. A few weeks after, I started to feel slightly off when urinating, no pain, but a very mild burning sensation in my perineum and very mild burning when urinating, almost like how it feels when you are dehydrated, and dribbling after urination. No discharge, or any other symptoms. I'm scared I may have caught something! Is it all in my head?
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Reading this my first thought is it’s unlikely to be any STI.

Gonorrhea doesn't really cause these symptoms. 90% of the time it’s very obvious pus on discharge.

Chlaymidia can cause milder symptoms but rare from oral, and while no studies done the short exposure probably lowers risk even further.

Like Jessie says. Test. But from my option it’s not because I think you have anything at all just that it will help ease your mind.

Your symptoms fit better with genital focused anxiety or CPPS but will need to last longer to be CPPS
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Thank you so much. Really appreciate you guys taking the time
You are more than welcome, please let us know your (negative) results if you do choose to test.
I will definitely report back. I need to narrow down to what is causing my issues. I never used to dribble as badly as I am now, and I also feel like my stream is not as strong as it use to be. Could be coincidence, but the timing is just too strange.
None of this is at all suggestive of a STI. I’d be looking at other causes already.

If it’s linked to your exposure at all it’s because of the mental aspect. When people grow to regret or worry about an exposure people focus too much on there genitals. This can cause unbeknown tightening of the pelvic muscles. Causing urine retention and dribbling, weak stream, mild burning on urination and other pain. If I was a gambling man this is what I’ll say was happening.

Test first. Which will be negative and I’m sure your other symptoms will pass with time as you mellow out. If not see a doctor. But if your test are negative no need to mention them or think about it again
I feel like you have already helped my anxiety. Thank you very much and God bless
Awww so glad I could help, reach out if you need me again and god bless to you too!
Good news, I tested neg for std. I still have uti type symptoms, albeit mild. I drank 100 Oz of water and my urine is still more yellow than it would usually be, smells slightly stronger than I believe it should be and I'm dribbling after urinating. Other than that, no symptoms. Is it possible to get a non std uti from a blowjob? I went to a clinic, now I'll have to see my primary care Dr.
One of them times where I am happy to say “Told you so ;-)”.

UTI are rare in males how old are you may o ask?

Did the clinic do a urine dip test when you went for your STI test.

No, I can’t see a way a blowjob can cause a UTI.

You can safely forget about the blowjob now it never needs to be mentioned again to me, your partner, your doctor or anyone ok? It’s gone it’s In the past it’s forgotten about.
35. I was only tested for chlamydia and ghon. Is it possible still I have infection from ngu
Yes, it's possible. You need to have your urine tested for white blood cells. The good part (if there is one) is that if your wife gives you oral sex, and has a virus or illness, she can give you this, so it doesn't have to mean cheating.

It could also be a prostate infection and have nothing to do with your encounter. NGU means any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea - can be any pathogen. Just stop worrying and suffering and go figure out what's causing this.

Good luck!
Like Jessi says NGU is a possibility but it’s more of an annoyance than anything sinister (if you have it).

Your symptoms really don’t hint at NGU it’s discharge mainly.

In the UK where I am, they don’t test for NGU unless the male has symptoms (discharge) this is because the test is a swab, and without discharge isn’t entirely reliable.
See the diagnosis part.

Honestly read this then.

Now tell me which one fits your symptoms closer.
Well, it looks like diagnosing is going to depend on where Scared lives, and that's a shame, if this is NGU.

In the US, NGU diagnosing isn't just reliant on a discharge, and can be done on the discharge, a urethral swab, or urine testing.


Canada mentions it in passing, has no guidelines - https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/infectious-diseases/sexual-health-sexually-transmitted-infections/canadian-guidelines/sti-associated-syndromes/urethritis.html

In any case, just go get seen. Start there.
Going on from what Dadz said, I had/have CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) and the symptoms are similar to NGU (I have had that in the past in my younger years from a not sexual cause!).

I did stretches twice a day. youtube CPPS stretches and it has helped so so much!
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You may have gonorrhea, chlamydia or urethritis, but the only way you'll know is to go get tested.

If you feel like you might be dehydrated, increase your water intake, and decrease your caffeine and alcohol, if you drink a lot of either.

No need to sit and worry - just test and find out.
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Appreciate it. I'm definitely not dehydrated, I drink like 80 Oz of water every day. I am married and spooked about passing something on to my wife. I talked with the girl I was with and she has been tested twice since and claims to be negative. I have something going on, but I am hoping it's not an std. I'm only 35.
If it is NGU, is it possible to pass that on to my wife?
If it’s NGU and not an “normal STI pathogen” then probably not, or at least won’t cause her harm.

In fact where I am In the uk they don’t test for NGU unless you have obvious discharge.

They just urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

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