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Got a Happy ending oral. Should I be worried?


Today I got a unexpected oral happy ending at a massage parlor.

We used a condom for the oral part but she was kissing my dick before the condom was on.
Should I be worried by the kisses.

I think she wiped it with alcohol. It was just a few kisses.

Also how long should I wait before I get tested.
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If it was just a few kisses, I wouldn't worry. Technically, there is still a risk for genital herpes type 1, if you don't already have that orally, but it usually takes more than a few quick kisses to transmit that. It requires some time and friction.

Oral sex is considered to be lower risk than penis in vagina sex, or penis in anus sex. Most experts don't feel it warrants testing, even without a condom.

I wouldn't worry about anything.

Also - we are all answering questions as volunteers, and do so on our own time. I know you are anxious, but there is no reason to post your question multiple times.
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Yes, thank you for answering. Only her lips touched my shaft. No where near the tip when she was kissing,

What symptoms should I look for? And when can I be tested. I do have a girlfriend and don’t want to give her anything. It lasted no longer than. 2 minutes and I showered right after. Just want to put this behind me.

I’m checking myself daily and my tip does burn a little bit I feel like that’s from forcing myself to pee just to see if it was burning.

I’m a mess and just want to get a answer to move on.
I wouldn't look for anything - if you get symptoms, you'll know.

The only thing that might happen - and it's so unlikely - is genital herpes type 1. That would give you sores on your penis. Really, this isn't going to happen.

You won't get burning with urination, or anything like that. That's usually from gonorrhea or chlamydia, and you didn't do anything to get those.

Your reaction is way overblown here, which I'm sure is from guilt, but remember that guilt doesn't mean risk.
I did get bumps on my penis and got them checked when I got tested. They said it didn’t look like herpes but Molluscum and it’s harmless that will go away.

I see a dermatologist tomorrow to double check. They don’t burn or hurt. It’s just a little itchy here and there. I’m sure they will maybe prescribe a cream to treat it.  

The doctor at the clinic when I got tested said it didn’t look like herpes. I also had a video call with doctor and they also said it didn’t look like it and said it was Molluscum and to see a dermatologist to get it treated.

Thanks again the guilt is for sure haunting and it makes me realize how much I love my girlfriend and will cherish her forever.

To everyone reading it’s completely not worth it and if you are single and want to take ever precaution for health and mental health.

But thanks again

If you have molluscum, it didn't come from your exposure last week. The incubation period for that is long - the minimum is a week, but can be several months. The average is 2-3 months. If you've already gotten them and seen a couple of doctors, it's not from that exposure.

You can get that from the gym, towels, clothing, etc.


If it ends up being molluscum the timing would be crazy. Maybe I didn’t notice it until I actually started to analyze and look for stuff.

I wish it is that and not herpes. But the dermatologist will confirm tomorrow because my mind keeps racing.

I have no other symptoms besides a few sometimes itchy bumps. Should I be worried that it’s herpies? Or would I 100% know the difference?

Thanks for the responses. I do hope this post helps others.

Have you googled molluscum? It looks totally different than herpes.

https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/179609 - this has a few pictures.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molluscum_contagiosum - yes, it's wiki, but the pic is good.

Molluscum is painless, and herpes hurts.
So I went to dermatologist and they said it was genital warts. But it was impossible that I was infected in my encounter last week because the incubation time is longer. She said 2-3 months.

Final questions (thanks so much for answering)

- Is this true? That it was 100% no way I got it last week?

- Is genital warts linked to a std or STI.?

- will I have to constantly check all my life for this for a outbreak?

- I didn’t know I had this and me and my wife had a lot of unprotected sex. If I had this prior to last week was she already exposed?

Maybe the unbearable stress and anxiety the past week caused a outbreak.

She said it’s very common and I have nothing to worry about. She froze them and prescribed imiquimod cream.

All my test came back negative any stds/stis, but I did only test under a week since exposure.

I plan to retest in a month to be 100% safe.

Molluscum and genital warts look a lot alike. It's very easy to get them confused, but I'd trust the derm.

How long have you been with your wife? For 90% of people, the virus clears within 2 years. For others, it can take longer.

Your questions -

1 - Is this true? That it was 100% no way I got it last week?

100% no way it was last week. The incubation period is at minimum 3 weeks, the average is 2-3 months, sometimes much longer.

2 - Is genital warts linked to a std or STI.?

Yes, it is caused by HPV. It is the virus that causes all warts on your body - the human papillomavirus (HPV) - and there are certain strains that cause warts on your genitals. Those strains are only sexually transmitted and only affect the genitals.

3 - will I have to constantly check all my life for this for a outbreak?

No, as I said above, they clear within 2 years for most people.

4 - I didn’t know I had this and me and my wife had a lot of unprotected sex. If I had this prior to last week was she already exposed?

Yes, she's been exposed. Either one of you could have had this prior to the relationship, depending on how long you've been together.

HPV is extremely common - experts say that 90%, give or take, of sexually active people will get it at least once in our lifetimes.

https://www.ashasexualhealth.org/human_papilloma_virus/ - you can learn more here.

You also seem very unware about STIs. That site has a ton of info about them.
Thank you so much. We aren’t married officially but we act like it. She’s been my only partner for 2 years but I did sleep with someone before her in 2019. But the past few months we both caught covid, her mom past away and I’ve had to take on alot of stress so it makes sense that a outbreak would happen now.

Thanks, I’m going to get tested in a month again to make sure I’m all clear.

I have no other symptoms besides the warts. Tomorrow makes a week and all my test were negative.

Should I bother retesting in a month??

Or am I in the clear to treat the warts and just move on?

I’ve read it wouldn’t show up that early so you have to wait awhile. My insurance covered it all so it’s not a problem to retest.

But if I had anything I should have already felt symptoms.

BTW this website should have a tip feature. Cause I’d love to send you some cash or something to treat yourself to some lunch for these answers.

Thank you so much.

Wow you and your wife have been through it. I'm sorry to hear all that. That's a lot, and it does make sense that an HPV outbreak would happen now.

I wouldn't bother testing again - you're fine. Just deal with the warts and move on from the rest.

You're very sweet with your kind words. All I ask is that you continue to take care of yourself, and if ever given the chance, you help reduce the stigma of STDs by correcting misinformation or stopping ugly jokes, etc. :)
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