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Guidance Requested

Dear Doctor,

Please help me and guide me about any STD probability and corresponding tests. I am having friendship type relation with our maid. She lives with us. Never we had any intercourse, not kissing, no lick, no fingering. Only hug, touching with hands. 10 days ago, we had something different and open. I touched her vigina with my hands and meanwhile and I took my penis out. Then like a stick, I hit my penis head 3 times consecutively in between her vigina and leg joint. At that time, she was dry and her vigina was NOT wet. Apparantly no wounds, no sore, no warts were seen. Very after, I realized that any thing may go wrong. Then I moved away from there. My question is,

1. Is there any chance of contarcting any STD and if yes then which one  and at which probability.
2. Also, please guide about Testing also.
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No, this isn't really a situation that would worry me about std's.  Skin to skin contact can result in some std transmission of genital herpes, syphilis or hpv.  However, what you describe is so minimal that I would not be worried about it. Plus, she's your maid.  A known person that spends a lot of time in your home.  You know her. She has to have an std to give you one.  I would not worry about this at all and would not test unless the one in a million chance you develop a symptom.  You aren't going to, so don't worry (and by that I mean a blister or sore).  
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Thanks for your response.  I am very positive after having your answer. One thing I want to know from you that can you please explain that where these sore and blister may appear.
They could appear anywhere in your genital area.

You mention that your maid was dry. Make sure she wants this and isn't doing this just because you're her boss.
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