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HPV/Genital Warts, can it be transmitted from oral to genital

Hi I had unprotected oral to genital sex on April 30, and noticed bump that look like skin tags but I am scared it might be genital warts. I noticed it after 9 days. I am a male. I received an oral sex with a massage therapist who offered happy ending.

Question is.

Could this be genital warts shown after 9 days?

And can genital warts be transmistted through oral to genital?

I tested negative in other test like hiv, herpes, gonorrhea, chlymedia, syphilis

The skin lesion looks like skin colored and very small about 1mm. There are times that I felt a bite pain from around it(don't know if its from the lesion).

Please help.  
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Yes, HPV can be transmitted by oral sex, but the chances are a lot lower than in penis in vagina or anal sex.

Nine days is very early to see genital warts. Usually, the earliest you'd see symptoms is about a month. Have you had other encounters where you might have gotten HPV? It can take several weeks to months for warts to appear.

HIV isn't transmitted by oral sex, and a syphilis test isn't conclusive until 6 weeks.

Herpes can take up to 12 weeks to show positive. The only thing you'd be at risk for from receiving oral sex is genital hsv1. Were you negative for hsv1, too? If you already have that, you can't get it again.

Ignoring the lesions that you have won't make the problem go away. Go get them checked by a doctor. If they are just skin tags, you'll have wasted all this time worrying.

Thank you for replying

For the 1 month how big or small do the warts show? Will it show 1mm? because I think genital warts can still start early but will be hardly noticeable like 1mm in size.

I have taken Cefixime medicine for 14 days already for the bacterial STDs

I have tested HSV-1 and HSV-2 the test used was IgM and IgG both tested negative, I have had no symptoms for 23 days now. Plus my doctor has ruled out herpes already
Also no I had no other sexual contact other than the recent one.
Did you test positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia and that's why you took the cefixime, or were they treating you just in case?

I see no reason for you to worry about herpes, either.

Warts vary in size, some are bigger, some are smaller. It doesn't matter so much about time. If you are concerned that they are warts, just show your doctor. Lots and lots of things cause bumps - there's no way we can tell you what yours are.

They were just treating me just in case.

Im not worried for herpes as I already past 21 days so I worried only HPV warts

I went to have it checked the doctor(Infectious Disease specialists)  said it is warts. The doctor referred me to a dermatologist to have it removed while it is still early and it won't spread.

Doctor told me once removed it won't be transferred to another my partner as long it is removed until the root of the wart.
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