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HPV - Oral Transmission

Hey guys just a quick one.

Is oral HPV really something to worry about? Data and statistics show skin to skin and intercourse for transmission.  Oral sex has this same outcome?

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You can get oral HPV, but it doesn't give you visible warts. You'd get the strains that don't present with warts, and are associated with cancer.

Before panicking, though, oral cancers are not common, and if you don't smoke or drink heavily, the chances of oral cancers are low.

You can get gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis from giving oral sex. The chances are higher if you perform oral sex on penises than on vaginas, but it's still possible on vaginas.
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Thanks Jessie! What are the chances of mouth to penile transmission for HPV? I keep reading that it's one of the most transmitted etc however no hard data is ever present.

I'm only worried cause male HPV tests are not available, yet.  
We don't have data for this. We do know from a very few studies done that it's possible for people to have oral and genital HPV, but oral HPV is less frequent than genital HPV.

There are also some studies that show that some people have different strains orally and genitally, and different strains than their partners.

It really means we don't know everything about HPV oral transmission. Am I correct in assuming you went outside a regular relationship, and are now a bit frantic about things?

Is this the same encounter you asked about last March? A different one?
Yep - last March.
And yes - still worried sick about it.  I just realized something about HPV etc and had to ask.
I read your post about your wife and her PCOS, and missing her period. Is your fear that HPV is causing her to miss her period? HPV does not cause that. PCOS can, for sure, but HPV won't.

I'm not a PCOS expert by any means, other than I have friends and family with it, but it can make periods very irregular.
I'm afraid that what happened in March transmitted HPV to me and than to her.  I'm trying to make sense out of this and I just can't.
It's time to let it go then, I think.

There comes a time when you can't do anything about something, and worrying about something is just counterproductive.

You are at that place. You are trying to control your anxiety with (probably loads of) research, and when you can't find the answers, it makes you more anxious.

Have you considered therapy to work through your feelings on all of this? Therapy can help you with anxiety, guilt (if you feel it), control issues (if you have those), forgiving yourself, etc.
Yeah I kind of feel exhausted.  I spend my days researching. I'm worried about giving her a high risk HPV strain and it makes me feel bad - which I actually am for what I stupidly did.  Also letting go seems difficult too.
"Also letting go seems difficult too."

That's what therapy is for. It's also so much more productive than endless futile researching. It's not always easy, but it's not as hard as spending months doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right?

True - waiting (un) patiently for her pap results. Thanks !
So she did go to the doc?
Yes for her smear test.
So all this, and she's being tested? Please, consider therapy. :)
My point is - what is HPV is detected? That's the problem.
Well, how long have you been together? Has she ever been with anyone else? Were you prior to her? How old are you both?

HPV clears itself from the body within 2 years in 90% of people. Others it just takes longer. I've seen as long as 7 years that I fully believe.

Unless neither of you have ever been with anyone else, even if she tests positive for HPV, you don't know it will come from your encounter.
Hey sorry for the delay but kinda switched off.  Results came back negative for HPV on smear test.

I need to apologise for not coming back to you soon enough. You have been of much help and made me realise I too need help.  Cheerio!
Happy to hear the negative results. :)

Take good care, okay? It's okay to need help.
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