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HPV advice and guidance

Can someone explain how HSV is spread?

I get transmission from bodily fluids and mucus membrains etc or open wounds etc but how can you catch hov from body to body contact?

Like how does the virus get into you?

A few expaoures...

I gave a women a few (4/5) vaginal licks  
Sex with 2 women with condoms (no grinning or deep intimacy involved)
A woman sat on my face bare vagina with no licking.

Would like to better unsterand my risk factors in the scenarios.

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The genital strains are spread from skin to skin contact - your skin touches their skin. The genital strains don't affect your body, except a few that might affect your mouth.

Other strains of HPV can live on surfaces - the strains for Plantar warts (on your feet), for example, but the strains for genital warts are only spread by direct contact.

Some of the genital strains can live in your mouth, but they aren't the strains that produce warts.

The HPV vax covers 9 of the most common strains, not all of them. It offers a lot of protection, but not full protection.

I wouldn't worry at all about a few seconds of licking.

Condoms offer significant, but not total, protection.

A woman sitting on your face is no risk if you didn't give her oral.

It's estimated that about 90% of us will get HPV in our lifetimes at least once. You might have already had it without knowing it. There's not a lot you can do about it if you have. It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help prevent it, so don't overly worry.
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Thanks for a measured reply.  One last question please?

Based on my info provide...i didnt have HPV prior as far as i know... so if i got my vax in 2021, had those cintacts as deacribed above...then if I had sex with a new partner is there a likely chance I could have the HPV strains tested for on a cervical smear and pass them on them even if my new partner were vaxed themselves?
A pap smear - the cervical smear - looks for changes in the cervix. Often, an HPV test is run alongside that, and that test can find any active strain, even those not covered by the vax.

If you have a strain that isn't covered by the vax, your partner isn't covered for those either.

Are you saying you had those encounters in 2021? If that's the case, depending on when in 2021, even if you had it, it may be gone by now. In 90% of people, it clears the body within 2 years.

Are you trying to find out if you are infectious? We have no way of knowing that.

If you're trying to find out if you need to disclose, I don't think you need to. You used a condom, which really reduces your risk. I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about this.
Hi Jessie, thanks for your great info.

I guess I'm a tad confused still...if HPV restricted to a specific area of skin?

So if I had HPV on my butt, inner thigh or groin area...how could it get into a female cervix if we had protected penetrative sex?

I find the spread part to HPV very confusing
It spreads because even if the warts are in one spot, it's considered a genital infection. The virus can be active on the skin even if warts aren't present.

It would get on her skin - maybe her labia, and then spread to her cervix.

Wow, so there's almost no chance in not getting it? Someone could have it on there arms your get it and it works its way to your genitals?
No, re-read what I said above. The strains that affect the genitals only affect the genitals, and the strains that affect the rest of your body don't affect your arms.

Why are you so freaked out about HPV? It's so incredibly common, and even with you doing everything to prevent it, you might still get it.
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Also if it helps, I had the first dose of my HPV vac May 3rd 2021, my last exposure to anyone would have been April 2022, about 11 to 12 months after that initial shot.

Aware the NHS recommends a 2nd shot be given at 6 to 24 months.

Does this help off set any risk I had?
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Sorry, my anxiety got the better of me.

It's HPV I'm only interested in here.

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