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I received oral sex from a hooker. I had put a condom. I also fingered her. 2-3 days later 2-3 black spots appeared on my penis. and penis head, about size of blunt pencil nib. The skin is not raise at black spot, it is as if spot from black color pen. There is no pain or itching. Can it be HPV? Or what else it can be? I read up on internet. Even if someone has HPV then it is advisable to wait for some time as most of HPV clear on their own ?  But now it has been 2 months since black spot appeared and they have not diminished. What should I do now?
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Hi, since your penis was covered with a condom the spot is not related to any std including HPV  as needs direct skin contact. Since your concenred have a doc take a look.
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I have visited doctor said it is not a hpv. Do I need to take a second opinion

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