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Happy ending STD


Around 2 weeks ago I visited a massage parlour and received a hand job. The woman gave me an unprotected hand job with oil. She also focused on light touching around my anus (not inside).

I'm experiencing a slight burn (not extremely painful) at the tip of my penis while urinating - it just feels different and uncomfortable. My testicles feel odd, with a slight uncomfortable pain. This could be my anxiety but I noticed last night 2-3 red marks on my foreskin, they were grouped together, not raised. Then this morning I noticed white dots that are covering my testicles, I really can't remember if I've always had these. Over the past few days I've experienced a slight uncomfortableness in my lower abdominal area. My genital area feels tingling and a slight arousing feeling. I'm also experiencing itching around my genital area.

This may be completely unrelated but I think I'm also developing a Hemorrhoid.

Is there any chance of catching any of the STD's in my situation at this massage parlour?

Any STD's from her hands touching my penis? Any from the warm towel she provided? Or the bed I laid on?

She did not rub any of her wetness on my penis, she just gave me a oily hand job.

If not STD, what are the causes for my symptoms?

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There is absolutely zero chance of you getting an STD from this encounter. That includes the handjob, the touching, the oil, the towel, the table, etc.

If you have warts, it's not from this encounter. Warts have an incubation period (time from infection to when you see symptoms) of usually a few months.

You do sound like you might have a prostate infection, though, and that would be coincidental. The tip of your penis hurting, the abdominal pain, etc - this could all be from an infection in your prostate. You should get this checked by your doctor. Perhaps the oil got into your urethra and has caused an infection, perhaps it's coincidence.

I don't know if you have a hemorrhoid, but that would definitely be a coincidence, too.

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Hello Jessi,

Thank you for your reply.

So just to be 100% clear with the STD's and my encounter. There is zero risk from unprotected hand job with oil? Zero risk from 3-5 mins massage around the anus area with oil? What about Herpes, Genital Warts and Syphilis? As these can appear after a few months, is there any chance I can pass them onto my girlfriend from now onwards?

To be sure, I went to the doctors and she gave me a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea test - I will receive my results today. They said very low chance of testing positive. I am still worried about Herpes, Genital Warts and Syphilis though. I went to another doctor who gave me antibiotics for my anus inflammation and antibiotics for Chlamydia (to ease my worrying).

The symptoms I have now are Diarrhea, slight anus uncomfortableness (has gotten much better) and the spot is still on the outside area of my anus.

My girlfriend has HPV, could this have triggered my symptoms?

If it is an infection, it does seem like a HUGE coincidence. How long do infections usually take to show symptoms? I received the massage 14 days ago and started showing them around 5 days ago, so could an infection take around 11 days to start?

So would a prostate infection cause my symptoms? (penis burn while urinating, lower abdominal pain, painful testicles, inflamed anus, anus spot etc) My doctor also said it may be an infection, hence why she prescribed me antibiotics for that. What are the other causes of infections apart from my massage encounter and my girlfriend having HPV?

Is it safe to have unprotected sex with my girlfriend? I've been faithful to my girlfriend up until this event - so how have I developed warts via incubation period? Has her HPV given me these symptoms?

I will keep you updated on my results.

Thank you again!
The results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea came back negative.

My final concern is Herpes, Genital Warts and Syphilis. My anus area still has these 3 small bumps and 1 of them has a brownish puss/scab. Looks like herpes? Could this be related to an infection or strictly STD related?

If I do have an STD (bumps on anus) - is it safe to have unprotected sex with my girlfriend?

You had no risk for any STD from this encounter.

That includes syphilis, herpes, and warts. You can't transmit what you couldn't have gotten.

Perhaps you do have HPV from your girlfriend - your doctor can tell you that. I can't diagnose you. If you've already been having sex with your girlfriend, you've already been exposed.

What did your doctor say about the bump?

You didn't get an STD from the handjob encounter. It is simply not possible. Any symptoms you have are from something else.

Take all the antibiotics, and follow your doctor's instructions.
Thank you so much for alleviating my worries.

Seems like a big coincidence that my symptoms arise shortly after my massage encounter which has given me extreme anxiety.

To be clear;

Zero risk from unprotected hand job with oil?

Zero risk from unprotected hand massage with oil around my anus region (close to the anus but not inside)

Thank you so much!
About the bump, the doctor said she didn’t see it but I did upon inspection.

I’m going to see another doctor tomorrow about it.

The first doctor gave me antibiotics for it which I’m taking 2 per day twice daily for 5 days.

Seems like I caught an UTI and maybe Prostatitis and/or Folliculitis / Skin infection.

"To be clear;

Zero risk from unprotected hand job with oil?

Zero risk from unprotected hand massage with oil around my anus region (close to the anus but not inside)"

YES. Absolutely zero risk. I don't know how to say it any other way.

You didn't "catch" a UTI  - those aren't contagious. You just develop them. I don't know what you have. Only a doctor can tell you that. Getting any urine testing done while you are on antibiotics is pointless. If you have an infection, it probably won't show it.

And unless you are seeing a specialist, going from doctor to doctor doesn't help you. There is no continuity of care. Make sure you tell the doctor that you are on antibiotics.
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All of this seems to be such a anxiety fuelled coincidence.

I don't know if I have a hemorrhoid or if I have herpes / anal warts?

Could light rubbing around my anus have caused anal warts of any kind? Or is this a huge coincidence and I've developed a hemorrhoid?
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