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Have red spots on penis and it hurts when I urinate

Hello All,

A few days ago, my gf of 3 years decided to have a threesome with another woman.  I made sure to have safe sex with a condom.

Now, I have 2 red dots on my penis. It also hurts when I urinate. When I pull down the foreskin, there is a whitish discharge. I am pretty sure I’ve caught some type of STD.

I am freaking out and don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know what this is?

Pics can be seen here:


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You will have to post in the herpes forum, but we don't look at pictures nor do we offer a diagnosis or medication advise.
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Hello, Vance, thanks for the reply. For intercourse I used a condom, but there was oral sex that was done without a condom.

I have sent pictures to a Doctor and he has said its Herpes and has advised me to use Start taking tablet ACIVIR 400 mg thrice a day for five days

Apply TBACT CREAM twice a day.

Is this correct?

Hope I can get a few more responses.


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If you used a condom doubt this is a STD, maybe yeast or fungial. See a Dr for an exam.
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