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Help please! Std scare

I had unprotected sex 3 months ago and have skin colored bumps (occasionally red) on the root of the shaft of my penis. They dont seem to go away or spread at all. They are mildly irritable/itchy if i wear tight underwear. They are not fluid filled. Also the skin around them is very dry and flaky if i scractch it or shave? It doesnt look quite like hpv or hsv from photos ive compared.
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It could be fungal, like yeast, or dermatitis or an allergic reaction to something - perhaps if you use shaving cream when you shave, or a new soap? Have you seen a doctor? It doesn't sound like an STD, and flaky skin sounds fungal or like dermatitis, but a doctor who examines you can tell you for sure.

Don't try to treat yourself. Fungal infections, allergic reactions and dermatitis all require different treatments, and if you use the wrong one, you could make it worse.  
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