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Here we go again - sex with sex worker

Dear Community, I hope everyone is doing well.
The last time I was on this page was two years ago, and I hope this is for real the last one.
I, male, 27, circumcised, had unprotected sex with a coworker.
She did not have any physical symptoms of any disease
I know she gets cold sores but did not have on visible and said that other than that, she was okay.
I have tested negative for all STDs in the past(HIV, Gono Chlam, Herpes IGG 1,2, Syphilis)

If I catch something, when should I expect to see symptoms (1 day so far)
When should a test be done?
Any way to go back in time?

I appreciate your help, and thanks!
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Hey guys now I am panicking, now I have a red spot in the lip like right in the middle
48 hours
is this herpes?
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Hi there! herpes can take 2 days to appear but often its alot later than that. I wouldnt worry yet!

As you know you have had unprotected sex which puts you at risk of STIs. when did she last test?

The testing periods are...

Chlamydia 2 weeks
Gonorrhoea 2 weeks
HIV 4 weeks
Syphilis 4 to 6 weeks.

If symptoms start then get tested at that point. Statically you are are fine but you have had a risk :)
Hi Sillymistake,

Thanks for the lovely message!
Well, it looks more like a pimple, tbh. See a bit of a whitehead, but I thought it was fast!
That's the funny part, I live in Germany, and people rarely get tested. Do not ask me why, i don't know either
She agreed to test with me next week for HIV, Syphilis, Chlam, and Gono in an anonymous test center but she also said she had another partner

They usually do not test for herpes. So either way, I will go back to the states and should be at the 6-week mark.
Should it be okay if I test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis, and herpes by six weeks and no symptoms?

Once again, thanks for the message

so if you go with her next week and she tests negative for everything then there is no need for you to test again as she never had anything so you had nothing to catch :) This obviously depends when her last encounter before you was!

Diagnosing herpes is difficult. There is a blood test but it is not massively accurate. The best way to get the spot swabbed.

Could it be herpes? yeah maybe but if she didn't have an outbreak its unlikely and it is rather quick to come up. Could it be a normal spot? absolutely! I often get clogged pores around my mouth - even more so as I have a beard! Herpes doesnt look like a normal spot - Its often quite a big better!

Try not to worry - get her to test and if its negative then great! If you wanted to take one back in the US for peace of mind then thats cool :)
Hey SillyMistake,

Once again thanks for the nice message. I would love to know that but I think it's someone that she sees often.
The spot looks more like a pimple so not just waiting it out that hopefully in the next two weeks I show no symptoms.
I will be checking but then once again thanks and keep you posted it!
Dont keep checking tho! By constantly checking you can cause micro trauma which can irritate the urethra. That with anxiety can mimic symptoms :)
Dear Sillymistake,

Once again, thanks for all your help.
I went today to my GP, and he gave me a prevent one-shot for Gono and Chlam. That was painful.
He said that my penis was a bit red and prescribed some Neosporin.
Other than that, I have no blisters, fever, flu symptoms, and day 5.
I have an appointment on day 12 next Thursday to see how I am doing and if there is no herpes, ill let it go.
Should I try the Neosporin or just wait it out?
Once again, thanks for all your help!
Treating for something which isnt there really isnt a good idea. It puts your mind a rest which I totally get but its this practice which brings us into the issues of antibiotic resistance. Boggles the mind!

Anywho, using the cream wouldn't do any harm but it may not help anything either. It's a mild antibiotic ointment but it could be red where you keep touching and looking with the anxiety.

Get your friend to do the test and get the results. The chances are you are fine but try to relax.
Hi Sillymistake,

I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to give you an update of the situation.
April 16 Unprotected Sex
Vaginal and Oral
Day 5
GP gave me a prevent one-shot and two pills for Gono and Chlam. That was painful.
He said that my penis was a bit red and prescribed some Neosporin.
Other than that, I have no blisters, fever, flu symptoms, and day 5.
I had some red spots in the head and added the cream but really burned so I decided to Stop
Day 7
Did not like a red spot in my shaft, had to really zoom in to see something.
Went to an er and send a picture to my urologist back home
ER doctor said I dont know and it does not look like herpes
Urologist said it could be a balanitis so just said to wash and not apply anything.
Day 9
Went to a Std center and doctor saw me and said that it did not look like herpes
Today 10
it looks better, i am applying some vaseline and gets the red away.

I have tested negative for both Herpes for the past 10 years in IGG and no symptoms.
My question is, if I was a true negative, wouldnt I have seen stronger symptoms
Such as fever and blisters like in the pictures?
One of the doctors would have caught it right?
Could herpes be so mild even if its a primary one?

Day 12 have an appoitnment with my urologist so we should see how that works.

Anyways wanted to let you know and thanks for all your help.

So it looks like you dont have herpes and do not have an STI.

There is no reason to worry. Balantitis is quite common :)
Dear Sillymistake
Wanted to give you an update so people looking the thread can see it
So , just went to the urologist and said he doesn’t see any herpes or syphilis sores. He took a culture just in case. Also, he prescribed an antibacterial ointment. Should I take it ? Or just wash and dry properly? I don’t think four doctors would have missed herpes right? Also, no swollen lymph nodes or fever
Thanks !
Four docs wouldn't have missed herpes.

I think you should wash and dry properly and use the ointment. He prescribed it because he thinks you have a bacterial infection.

Feel better. :)
Dear Aj

Good to see you again. Unfortunately, in This conditions. I am assuming you read the thread so I think you agree on everything. Anyways thanks for the message and hope your doing well!
What AJ said :) Glad it's coming to an end and you are getting answers :)
Dear all,

I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to give an update.
It has been 21 days since my exposure, and I have not had blisters in my mouth or genital area.
I started to pay more attention to some redness in the Penis that could have been natural skin.

With a primary outbreak, it would have shown earlier and a bit stronger I think.

Anyways at the six-week mark, I will test for everything like syphilis Hiv Herpes,

Hopefully, it comes negative, and then I will stop worrying.

If anything happens, I will keep you updated.

Once again, thanks for all the help and everything you do here!

Glad things are going well so far, and yes, a herpes primary outbreak is typically much more noticeable than some redness.

Hi everyone , just wanted to give everyone an update.
I tested at 4 weeks after my exposure for the following
Hiv 1/2 4rth generation negative
Chlam and gono negative
Syphilis by plasma negative
Herpes 1/2 igg specific negative
Hsv 1-.09
Hsv 2-.15
Should I rested for everything after 6 weeks ?
Either way I know for herpes it should be after 10-12 weeks !once again thanks to everyone helping and hearing me out

If you get no symptoms, I wouldn't test again for anything. Herpes testing has false positives, and unraveling that can take weeks and several hundreds of dollars.

Syphilis is uncommon, and if you don't get a sore, there's no need to test for it again.

The rest are conclusive already.

Really, you're fine. I wouldn't worry about this any longer.
Dear All

I hope you all are doing well. Just wanted to give you a final update. I took a test at 6 week igg. It was a negative test and mixed for both hsv1/2 the reading was <..5000 when the and it has the cut off with the anything over .9 intermediate and then after 1.1 positive.
Given no symptoms until now and four doctors in the first two weeks saying  that the rash did not look like herpes. Showing pictures of a month to my urologist last week. And this test today I will give it a rest. I think 6 weeks about 70% will teat positive so I’ll give it a rest. Once again thanks for all your help. I will think about testing again later but if I don’t get any other symptoms probably now

Thanks y’all
Kind regards
Glad you have reached a good conclusion to this :)
Congrats, and I'm in total agreement that you can give it a rest now. :)

Take care.
Hi I hope everyone is doing fine, because I had to leave the country I scheduled some test which I paid for in advance like 7 weeks in advance lol  before giving this a break and at 7 weeks was negative for hiv 4rth generation
Syphilis, chlam, gono and hep c and gono
My herpes values remained the same as
Four weeks
HSV 1 IGG <.10 Negative
HSV 2 IGG .15 Negative
Seven Weeks
HSV 1 IGG <.10 Negative
HSV 2 IGG .14 Negative
HSV 1/2 IGM .30 Negative

I think putting some factors that I have always been negative I would have shown visible symptoms that 1/4 doctors that saw would have at Least suggested it
No blisters/ulcers and redness resembling for a balanitis and finally no change in 7 weeks is a great sign I think.
Just two questions:
I have been testing for over 10 years and never had a positive or symptoms of hsv1/2 a stronger outbreak would have been more noticeable ?
The fact that the values didn’t change plays a role from the 4rth week to 7th
No antivirals taken and kind pf healthy no drugs and do sports most of the time
Thanks again for all the help you give everyone here y’all  !
70% test positive for hsv by 6 weeks.

Typically, people who have neither type have worse outbreaks when they do get infected with it because they have no antibodies of either type to help keep it in check. It's not a hard and fast rule, but it is common.

Stop testing. If you need to test again, do it at 12 weeks, but if you keep testing, you could get a false positive, and it is so time consuming and expensive to unravel that, and perhaps impossible if you live outside of the US.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Let this go.
Hi Aj

I hope your doing well. Today I received my igg at 10.5 weeks but it was a mixed test for hsv 1/2? The numerical values is <.50 meaning it is negative. It was the clia method ? Do you know if it affects that’s it’s not specific or HERPESELECT ?
Anyways I think still negative for both and having all doctors telling me it wasn’t I’ll drop this and live life

Thanks again for all your help ! All on this forum . Thank you !
It's not type specific if it didn't give you two separate values, but that's okay if you are negative. It only matters if you are positive.

It doesn't matter that it's not the HerpeSelect - that's just one brand, it's not a method. Your test is fine. :)

You're good to go. Go live life, use condoms, and take care. :)
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