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Herpes posible other std

Hello, I had an encounter where I performed oral sex to a guy with a cranker sore on my lip, there was genial skin contact penetration with condom, 2 days later my vagina was itchy swollen and red then 2 weeks later my throat and mouth was cover with white stuff the mouth has clear a bit however I see something at the very end I’m having burning sensation on chest and stomach and tingling on my vagina but no pimple visible. When I got my period I had terrible lower back pain I’m afraid I got herpes and posible Candida overgrowth.
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Oral sex exposes you to gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis. You should test as follows:

-3 weeks after the exposure, for gonorrhea.
-6 weeks after the exposure, for syphilis.
-3 months after the exposure, for herpes.

All the best.
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Thank you on the info! I’m concerned does herpes cause back pain I seems to have it when my period is coming and when I’m on the period (not in a normal way) so then I read about meningitis and became scare in experiencing stabing pain in joints and muscle spasm and in my neck feels like a cartilage is stiff and have a cracking sound at times. Plus tingling sensation all in my body including vagina. I’m terrified!!!
Have you seen a doctor?

If you are terrified, you need to be seen and find out what's going on.

I doubt this is meningitis, but it could be herpes, since you can get that when using a condom.

How are your genital symptoms now?

If you give oral sex, you would only have oral infections from that. Any genital symptoms you have would be the result of the genital to genital contact.
@antiejessie since my period it’s gone back pain is as well. Now I’m worried I just notice 2 more lymph nodes on my neck. I have been worried about hiv bc I had a cranker sore on my lip but almost banned from the forum since they say it’s no risk I did took a viral load test so I don’t have to wait the 3 months time frame but also seem a psychologist to help me I fear the worse now !!!
You didn't have an HIV risk, and please understand that rules that apply to the HIV forum apply here, too.

So what was on your lip? Do you mean canker sore? Those are white sores inside the mouth. Cold sores, which are herpes type 1, are on the lips. You should know that if it was a cold sore, you can transmit that to someone while performing oral sex. It can happen without a sore, but it's highly contagious if you have a sore present.

You got a viral load test done (which was unnecessary). That means you've seen a doctor. What has your doctor said about your symptoms? I'm guessing they think a yeast infection, if anything?

I don't understand why you are focused on HIV, as you had NO RISK. I don't know if you have some sort of guilt feelings about this, or a germ fear, but if you can't let that go, yes, a psychologist would be a good idea.
@auntiejessi yes it was a canker sore. I did develop a fear for HIV since I had a canker sore then 2 weeks later
I had a lymph node on my neck and still have then the muscle and joint pain started, my mouth covered in white stuff which has clear except for my tongue and white thick vaginal discharged, 3 weeks later I got one node on my arm pit lasted 3 days and now another one on my neck. So ALL this symptoms are driving me crazy. That’s why I did the viral test and still waiting results.
So if you had swollen lymph nodes due to a new HIV infection, they would all be swollen, not just one in your neck, one under your arm, etc.

But you had NO RISK - you had condom protected sex.

If your doctor hasn't tested you vaginally and orally for yeast, the rest is a waste of your time.

You had no risk for HIV, and focusing on that is doing yourself a disservice.
@auntiejessi when it comes to herpes for the last 2 times when im ovulating i get tingling on my genital mostly in 2 areas and also in my face and lips but no break out, tingling last about 3 to 4 days and some feeling in anus area and right leg discomfort. When my period comes then i get this terrible lower back pain that i have never felt. i must also say that since april i been having pin and needle feeling in my whole body but not genitals (thats new) i tested for hsv 1 via blood test came out positive at the time i did have the vaginal symptoms so i didnt test for hsv 2 which im going to soon.
You wouldn't get oral herpes from this - herpes very rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth.

Have you seen your doctor about your new pain? You could have an ovarian cyst, endometriosis, a pinched nerve, or a host of other possibilities. You really should get this checked out.

You wouldn't have all this tingling and such without an outbreak if it was herpes.

I hope you feel better.
@auntiejessi i thank you for your support! today i keep looking but then i decided to take a picture and there is apparently like 3 little bums where the imen was. I think i didn't mention that besides the oral sex there was genital rubbing but this guy (encounter on may 28th) said he tested negative for genital hsv. I had an encounter on march with someone else with whom i had also oral and rubbing genitals, that could be but no vaginal symptoms until now.
1. Could it be that i got it back in the end of march and it manifested now in June?
2. Could be that i couldn't see an outbreak when i got the symptoms with my previous ovulation and my period(starting in june)  due to lesions were in my cervix?
3. do i need to wait and see if the bums break in order for my gyno to take a swab?

Thank you so much for your help!
"where the imen was" - I don't know what the imen is?

1. Could it be that i got it back in the end of march and it manifested now in June?

Possible, but very unlikely.
2. Could be that i couldn't see an outbreak when i got the symptoms with my previous ovulation and my period(starting in june)  due to lesions were in my cervix?

3. do i need to wait and see if the bums break in order for my gyno to take a swab?

No, you should see a doctor before they break.

Have you seen your doctor yet? You seem determined that you have an STD. Just go get checked and find out.
Hi I have not tested yet because the 3 months mark after the encounter in May 28 is at the end of August so I’ll let you know when I test. Thank you !!
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