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Herpes touch and Kiss

Hi I am so nervous , I hope someone here can help answer my concerns .

Last weekend March 31 it was a Saturday, I started to get serious with a woman . There was a lot French kissing and touching as in figuring  and rubbing using my hands on her genitals. I didn’t notice any outbreaks on her lips or on top surface of vagina .
My question is, can hsv2 transfer from one person lips onto another by passionate kissing ? And can figuring get herpes 2 genital that way onto hands ?
We spoke earlier about stds and stuff like that before thinking get physically close Her reply was I’m good. But still doesn’t really clears it for me, what might be good to her and not serious ,could be serious to me. In past relationship it has cause agreement of trust .
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You could only get HSV if your skin got in touch with the lesions on that lady's skin. So if you didn't see or touch any sore, the possibilities of getting it are remote if not zero. If yo guys want to know about each other's status, you can go together to the doctor and test. That way you will be sure.

All the best.
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Thank you Dragon pulse. For your response .
what is normal incubation period for hsv1  .. it’s day 12 for me .. there is much different ideas for this
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