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How Accurate HSV RT PCR Blood test

Hello AJ,
I have just got my HSV RT PCR blood test report and got negative
Can you please tell me how accurate this test ?

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The PCR blood test for herpes is useless. Herpes doesn't live in the blood.

You've already conclusively tested negative for herpes. You don't need anymore testing.

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Thanks AJ,
I'm recent partner was diagnosed with hsv1&2 igg positive, same day my test was Negative
i just freaked out and gone for PCR test
is CSF may be helpfully here coz i don't want ruin my future partner, As already i'm going through lot of stress and all
This is the my last test
Can you please suggest me
Even if it's painfull i'm ready to take the pain, i don't want others to suffer coz me
You don't need any more testing. You are negative. It doesn't matter what your partner's test was - yours is conclusively negative.

CSF testing is for other herpes conditions which you don't have. I can't say it any other way - you don't have it.
Thank you so much AJ ::)
You made my day
Have a nice DAY
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