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I am so afraid of catching STDs after having sex with a masseuse

It's my first time having sex with a masseuse. She gave me a blowjob and I jerked off. Then we have a vaginal sex    , of course with a condom on my penis for the whole time. But I still very nervous to the STDs afterwards.Now I am very regretful about this unpleased sex experience. I am very young and I don't want to be infected. What should I do?
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Hi, dont be overly concerned about this as using the condom with the vaginal sex would have protected you from the more common stds like gono and chlamydia. But there would be a slight risk for non std infection from her mouth bacteria. If you dont have any urethra irritations  or white puss discharge 5 to 7 days after the affair you can pretty much rule that out. There would be a slight risk with the protected condom for syphilis and herpes but if none of your genital area made rubbing contact with hers then you can rule them out also.  herpes would also be a risk with the unprotected oral but its so low of a risk im reluctant to even mention it. Without symptoms of genital sores or penis issues, not testing would be recommended unless you have a long term partner.
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Thanks for your professional answer, Dave!
Now I do not feel so nervous after seeing your words. And I want to know something about HIV because I am very nervous about it. Can the oral sex spreads the AIDs? Do you think there is a possibility of being infected with HIV in my case?
Oral sex is not a risk for HIV at all. You don't need to worry about that.
Thank you for your professional answer, auntiejessi.
I feel more calm now. Perhaps I need some days to relieve my mental pressure caused by this bad sexual experience.  I was really tensed in the last few hours.
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Addtional information from questioner:
When she gave me oral sex, I don’t wear a condom. So I know my penis exposed to her mouth straightly. But when we did the vaginal sex I wear the condom. I am very afraid because I think it was a high-risk sexual behaviour. I will never do it again.
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