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I'm freaking terrified doc

I recently had sex with two sex workers about 2 months ago.. had condom on for oral and vaginal, however, it was removed during the final handjob in both cases.

I recently had a swollen nymph node/diarrhea that I have never had in my life before a week or two after the first sex but I was in another country where it was really hot/nasty food so i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it (South asia) so i didnt think about it at first until the latest thing happened to me.

When i got back, I had sex again, this time with condom as well for vaginal but none for handjob. about 3 days later, I received a lump on my upper lip that was similar to a pimple but it was painless/numb and glossy. After another few days, the clear skin came off of the lump.

I am DONE with this stupid gambling, please doc, help me out with some answers.

I appreciate it.
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ah thank you very much auntiejessie,

I appreciate it but just to make sure, does anyone else have any input on this and what it could be?
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You had protected everything, and there is no risk for handjobs.

Your symptoms aren't from an std.

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also, it was my first time having sex.. I just found out my brothers had really bad stomach diarrhea while in south asia as well, so what's left is the swollen lymph node on the back on my right ear which never swelled for me before so i was quite alarm.

As for the thin film that i took off of the bump on my lip.. it maybe sun burn im not 100% sure, it's painless and tiny and recently went away yesterday (had it for about 4-5 days).

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