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Im unsure if I was at risk of anything!

Hi there, I was wondering if you could help access if I was at risk of any sti's please?

I met a male (I'm male) and we engaged in mutual masturbation. He wanted to give me a blowjob but I said I need to put a condom on, so I put on a condom. He gave me a blowjob with the condom on. He also licked my ballsack and in-between my thighs.

Then he went behind me, fingered me and rimmed me (not to much mind).

After that the condom slipped off and nothing went into his mouth. Someone was watching so I was masturbating and ejaculated into another males mouth. The tip of my penis touched his lips but did not go any further (May have touched his tongue but doubtfull).

If you could give me some advice that would be great :-)

Thank you
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So it was still itchy and sore at about 16/17 days so I went and got tested (I know hiv and syphilis is 4 and 6 weeks but not worries about those as so low risk) so waiting for Chlamydia and gono results.

I've started to get sore patches on the corners of my mouth. As I never par took in ANY oral activity with my mouth, am I right in thinking it is totally unrelated and prob more to do with weather/temp changes any maybe stress/anxiety?
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Yes, your oral symptoms would be totally unrelated.

What kind of gono and chlamydia testing did you have? Was it urethral only or rectal, too? You weren't at any risk from a urethral infection since your oral sex was protected. If they didn't do any rectal testing, your test results won't really matter. Your risk from rimming is really low, but since you're testing, might as well do it right. :)

You had no risk for HIV, so you don't need to test for that.

Your syphilis risk is really low. You can test for that if you want, but I'd expect that to be negative, since your risk is low and it's less common than chlamydia and gono.

Stress and anxiety can cause real physical symptoms. I know it's not easy, but try to watch that. If you aren't working with a therapist, consider it.
Hey Jess! Ureathral and rectal! I think I did it right!

The Dr said it was unlikely for Chlamydia and gono.

Like I said I'm not worried about syphilis.
If there was an infection of the rectum, Chlamydia, gono or syphilis, could it be passed on via vaginal sex? (I'm a male)
No, probably not, unless there was toy sharing - she used a toy on you rectally then you used it on her vaginally.

If I thought you had a real risk for something, I'd probably tell you to avoid sexual contact until you were tested to be on the safe side, but honestly, there's just such a low risk, I think you're fine to have sex with a female partner.
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Mutual masturbation is no risk at all for anything, nor is fingering.

Rimming and the licking is a slight risk if he has oral herpes. If you don't already have hsv1, you could get genital hsv1 from oral to genital contact. Using the condom reduces your risk a lot.  You can have oral hsv1 and never have an actual outbreak - 90% of those who have it never get any symptoms.

Syphilis is also a risk from the same things, but he'd have to have an actual syphilis sore to transmit it. (Herpes can transmit without any symptoms.)

The chances of both are quite low, and if this is your only risk, you don't need to run out and test.

There is also a chance of rectal gonorrhea if he had it orally. The chances of you getting it aren't great because gonorrhea resides in the throat, and unlike when someone performs oral sex on a penis, nothing is going in the throat during rimming, which reduces the chances.

I'd say again, if this is your only risk, no need to run out and test if you have no symptoms.

No risk from you masturbating into someone's mouth if your penis didn't really touch his mouth.

Hope that helps (and really, I hope it makes sense lol). Basically, if you don't have symptoms, you don't need to test. If you are sexually active, it's a good idea to test regularly.

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Heya AJ, thanks for the reply :-)

I've had no real symptoms. My behind hurts a bit as does around the thigh, but I suffer from jock itch and IBS, and my bowels have been loose recently!

I also suffer from non-bacterial prostatitis which makes the front end uncomfortable, esp with anxiety and stress haha.

I spoke to the Terence Higgins trust (hiv and sti charity) and they said that the risk would be minimal to none as the receiver, more so if I was giving the rimming which makes sense, and as you said, the bugs live in the back of the throat (which the trust also said)!
Ohh I've never heard of the Terrence Higgins Trust. What a cool resource! Thanks for that. :) I'm glad to hear we agree in our assessment.

IBS, jock itch and CPPS are enough to account for any discomfort you feel, and none of them are any fun. Hang in there!
Hehe thanks :-) my throat hurts as well... I'm guessing that there is no chance of HIV from this encounter so the chances are that I have a run of a mill cold (throat, running nose, generally feeling crappy haha). Would you agree?

The Terrence Higgins trust are really good! I also phoned my local STI clinic and they said it would be low risk as well :-)

All of the above is made worse with anxiety!
Nope, no chance of HIV at all.

Good chance of a cold - it's that season after all.

Do you see anyone for your anxiety? A therapist? Psychiatrist? Meds? There's good help out there and any or a combination of those things could really help. Your mental health is an important part of your physical health.
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