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Ingrown hair boil or std on groin? Pics included

Noticed this yesterday when blood was coming out of it. Not sure how long the bump was actually there. It was on my groin close to my inner thigh.

I noticed it yesterday(Saturday afternoon). I had unprotected sex Thursday at 5am.

How long does it take for std to show up after unprotected sex? How do I know if it’s a boil ingrown hair or std related?



First pic is how it looked yesterday (Saturday afternoon). Second pic is how it looks today (Sunday evening)
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Your pics are a little dark and blurry, but what I can see tells me you need to see a doctor. I don't know what it is, and it could be any of the above, but why haven't you seen a doctor?

If you go to a doctor, don't let them visually diagnose you with herpes. Make them do a culture or PCR swab (the PCR swab is better, but not every place has them), and make them do a type specific test on it.

If blood is coming out of it, it's not likely to be herpes. It could be a boil or an ingrown hair. I'm guessing it doesn't hurt much if you just noticed it because of the blood?

Let us know what the doctor says.
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