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Is it hiv, other STIs or stress?

Hi, I had unprotected sex with female friend on on their 15 of February she was on her periods but it wasn't heavy flow it was her last day on period . I started developing symptoms like feeling dizzy and swatting during day not at night on day 3 after exposure, on day 27 I tested for hiv using OraQuick test and It was negative

Please help!. Now  I'm feeling upper abdominal pain on my stomach and one white spot on my throat I keep on having slightly raised ringworm rash that itch and goes away within a day and leave mark I'm not sure it because of stress or other STDs
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Was the OraQuick a 4th gen test - one that tests for both IgG antibodies and p24 antigen? If it was, you don't have HIV.

No STD causes upper abdominal pain or a single white spot in your throat. That might not be stress, either. Have you seen a doctor? You should, especially with the rash. This might be something totally unrelated to the encounter that needs treatment.
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No haven't seen a doctor I bought home test and tested myself I can feel the pain on my stomach when I touch it like swallon lymph nodes but painful
It more than one
You need to see a doctor. This could be many things - an ulcer, acid reflux, a hernia, stress, or a wide variety of other things - but you absolutely need to see a doctor soon. Don't needlessly suffer by focusing on STDs.

I also see that you've been taking an antibiotic that you aren't prescribed, and list a lot more symptoms, like your right testicle is painful, rash on your neck and chest and something stack on throat that not painful when swallowing. The antibiotic is obviously not working, so go see a doctor. None of that sounds like an STD, and I'm not sure why you didn't mention them here, but see your doctor.
Thanks a lot I truly appreciate it
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