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Is there any chance for STI from this encounter ??

3 days ago I try to have a sex with an independent escort with following details:
1. During that time i am semi drunk (but not drunk enough as i can still remember everything), and happen it’s hard for me to get aroused that night.
2. The escort said he has using drugs so he can’t get turn on as well.

The activities on that night involved :
1. Unprotected oral for both sides (he do me and me do him). He do me normally but i think no deep throat. On my parts i am only do oral on his “rod” and not his penis head. And i do not see any sperm or pre cum coming from us either.
2. We try to anal each other but couldn’t as both of us couldn’t erect.
3. Both of us fingering each other.
4. Finally both of us masturbates together and the sperm is coming to my body.

Considering all of activities above, is there any risk of sti/std ??

Regarding the attempt to anal each other, is it considered as penetration ??
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There is some risk from the oral sex, though oral is considered lower risk than vaginal or anal sex. I'll explain those risks at the end.

There is no risk from fingering each other or masturbating each other, or having someone's semen on your body.

If during the anal attempts, no actual penetration happened, like you were both unable to get erections and just couldn't make it in even a little, that's not penetration.

Now, for the oral risks. This is going to be long and detailed, but remember that it's all pretty low risk. I just want to make sure you have all the information.

Receiving oral:

Most experts don't think a single act of oral sex warrants testing. If you have a regular partner you're concerned about infecting, you might want to test, but you probably don't need to test unless you get symptoms.


Syphilis isn't that common, and your partner would have had to have a sore in their mouth to transmit it. You wouldn't see symptoms of this for 10-90 days, but the average is 21 days, and you'd get a sore called a chancre. This doesn't cause burning, pain, discharge, etc. You can test for this at 6 weeks. If you get symptoms, but test negative at 6 weeks, test again at 90 days, and get to the doctor as soon as you see symptoms.

Herpes Simplex Type 1:

If you don't already have herpes type 1 (think oral sores, like cold sores but not canker sores), then you could get genital herpes type 1 from receiving oral sex. This can happen even if the person performing oral doesn't have a sore, but it's more likely if they do. The time from infection to symptoms is usually 2-12 days, but the average is 4 days. You can test for this now, and then again at 4 months to make sure you don't have it. If you test positive now, it's a pre-existing infection that you had before this encounter. About half the adult population has this, and 90% don’t know it. Ask for a type specific hsv1 IgG blood test. You don't need a type 2 test, and that test has some false positives on it, so avoid it if you can.  


You'd see symptoms of gonorrhea at about 2-5 days, and this would usually be a discharge, burning, etc. Some people don't get symptoms. You can test for this as early as 3 days, but 5 days is better. You can have a urine test or a swab test.


Oral chlamydia isn't common at all, so getting chlamydia from receiving oral isn't likely, but has happened, so I mention it. The symptoms and time frame are similar to gonorrhea. A chlamydia test is usually run at the same time as gonorrhea, but make sure to ask for it.


NGU (nongonococcal urethritis urethritis, sometimes called NSU, for non-specific) is an infection in the urethra that is caused by anything other than gonorrhea . This can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra, and other germs, like strep, adenovirus (usually causes upper respiratory infections like bronchitis), and the like. The symptoms and testing times are the same as gonorrhea and chlamydia.  

Giving oral sex to someone with a penis:

Giving oral sex to someone with a penis puts you at risk for oral gonorrhea and syphilis. Syphilis isn't that common, and your partner would have had to have a sore that your mouth came into contact with to transmit it. You would get a sore in your mouth anywhere from 10-90 days, with 21 days being the average. You can test for this at 6 weeks.

Oral gonorrhea doesn't usually have symptoms, but if you got them, it would be a sore, red throat, maybe a fever, maybe swollen glands. If you get symptoms, they usually appear within 7-21 days. You can get a throat swab for this at about 5 days.

There is a risk here, but oral sex is lower risk than intercourse.
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Thank you for helping me in answering my concern. I am pretty sure there is no sore or open wound on his genitals, but i am not sure with the mouth. Today is the 4th days since the last encounters, and there’s no symptoms shows. I would appreciate if you can suggest me do i need to get tested considering of my situation ?? Sorry usually i never try this kind of service it’s just happen i am drunk that night and this whole new situation start to make me think negatively. Fyi: i am usually test myself every 6 - 8 mth for hiv, and my last test were about 2 months ago. Do i need to get tested for HIV and others std 2 weeks from now ??

Regarding herpes, i am not sure if i can test myself if i show no symptoms, i have tried a couple years ago and the doctor not suggesting it, if have not show symptoms, i think she mention about blood test, but she is really against it.
I don't see a need to test for HIV if thee was no penetration with penises into anuses.

The chances of an STD are low, but if it will make you feel better to test, then test. A syphilis test won't be accurate until 6 weeks.

You may have a hard time getting a herpes blood test. It's not easy to get them in a lot of places outside of the US. If you don't get symptoms within the next couple of weeks, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Try to keep remembering that chances of getting anything from this are pretty low, okay?
Thank you again for helping me out auntiejessi, just today i noticed, i am peeing quite often and every time i am peeing there’s ticklish sensation on my penises. I do not aware how much water i drink today, as it’s quite hot and dry in here. It would be great if you  could educate me with this topic. As from my understanding peeing too much is a symptom of various std, however; it is going continuously or will come and go during the infection ?? To illustrate ticklish sensation : it’s like the feel when penises gonna cum.
That is not a specific symptom of an STD - as you said it would be continuous. However, any new symptoms should be checked out by your doctor, and if it's going to help ease your mind, just get tested.
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