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Klebsiella Urethritis (please help)

About 6 months ago, I noticed that I had discharge and dysuria and came to the conclusion that I had urethritis. Thinking that it was caused by an std,I want to the doctor who gave me a ceftriaxone injection and put me on ciprofloxacin pills for 3 days.
The symptoms went down drastically but they never completely went away.
Since then I've been bouncing around from doctor to doctor getting antibiotics
I've taken azithromycin,doxycycline,levofloxain,moxifloxacin,ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone,metronidazole and also floconazole (a yeast infection pill for some reason)
Everytime the symptoms seems to lessen but don't fully go away.
as of now I still have a very slight discharge and occasional pain in the urethra
I've taken both a urine test (which was negative for chlamydia) and a urethral swab.
The swab indicated that i did have an infection (my wbc count was TNTC) but the only thing that was found was "GRAM NEGATIVE BACILLI +3)"
The sexual partner that I had got checked up,but they only thing they found was bacterial vaginosis (Which explains the metronidazole)

After trying to manage my symptoms for a while,I got a Urethral culture at a new Hospital,which finally gave me an answer. the results said "Heavy growth of Klebsiella spp. isolated"  

Can someone tell me what I should do next? What anibiotics should I use to treat this?
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There is supposed to be an ambiogram with the results, showing which antibiotics the species of the bacteria is sensitive to. IF there inst make one, klebsiela is notorious for reaching resistance to antibiotics really quickly , once you know the susceptibility of your strain, yo can combine antibiotics and get rid of it.But do not wait, do this things quickly.
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Yeah the results actually came back with a list of antibiotics that work and a list that doesn't
But I will though, thank you!
Visit a urologist, determine a plan of treatment, and while you are doing that start a treatment of beta glokan and proantocianidine type A first is an imuno stimulator, to have effect you will take it for 6 months the second one is a flavonoid that prevents extracellular bacteria to attach to the cell wall 6 montsh for the second one also. The adult doses for severe infections are 600mg per day for beta glokan , and 300mg a day for the proantocianidine type A, you can find them in any apothecary and they will not be contraindicated with your antibiotics.Take it seriously as Klebsiela can be a bugger to eradicate. I know it is not classified as sexually transmitted, but use condoms going forward until it is eradicated.  This is a nosomical infection, have you had a urinary catheter or a procedure done recently?  
Also, the prudent first treatment provided that it is susceptible to ceftriaxone would be 2 grams diluted in 100mg of IV given daily for 7 days intravenously. Stock up on good probiotics also.
Thank you and I will! Although, before my symptoms started I hadn't spent any time inside a hospital and I hadn't had any kind of urinary tract procedure done
Can one get this infection outside of a hospital?
You certainly can, if you have taken a lot of antibiotics, so the normal bacterial flora is destroyed as this is an opportunistic infection, having a partner with this king of vaginal infection, poor hygiene etc etc, focus on resolution rather than the causation, even if you know very rarely you can do something about it.So..  
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