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Light clear white discharge - STD?

Hi guys, so 3 weeks ago, i went a swingers club with my gf and we had unprotected sex there, just us two. Another woman tried to join in, she gave me a handjob, while she had already given the other guy a bj and hj. I didnt want the other woman to do anything but touch, but during the time she gave me a hj, she tried to give me a bj, and i stopped her immediately - however, i think he mouth and tongue touched my penis for a brief second - literally, and i told her no, touch only..

Then after we left vegas 2 days later, i was hit with a fever, achy body, which went away within 3 hours. 3 weeks  later today, I'm seeing a discharge from my penis. THe discharge is light clear white, i have to really squeeze the penis shalf to penis head to really see the small amount. This started yesterday morning. Im not sure if this has anything to do with it, but i dribble a lot when i pee, and i looked only and read an article that if i push between the anus and scrotum, i would be able to let the rest of the pee come out so i dont drible - a day after doing that a few times, i started discharging.

Is this an STD or something related to prostate? I will get it checked up soon this week, but need some insight while i wait to find time to test this week.

Also, it doesnt hurt when i pee - and i do have mild aching lower back right side.

Any insight is appreciated.
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You can't get an STD from a handjob - STDs just aren't transmitted that way.

While you can get one from oral sex, since it was so brief, I'd be really surprised if you did.

There is something called NGU - it means non-nongonoccal urethritis, and is any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea. This can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, or things like strep, or even adenovirus (usually causes bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections). If your girlfriend gives you oral, you can get NGU from her.

It's not unusual to see discharge if you squeeze your penis. That alone doesn't indicate an infection. Dribbling when you pee could indicate a prostate issue, which you've already figured out.

When you go to the doctor, ask them to look for white blood cells in your urine. A dipstick urine test is a start, but getting a urine culture is better. Having them look for white blood cells in your urine under a microscope is best, but not everyone will do that.

A short fever doesn't indicate much. You could have been fighting the flu, strep, or a host of other things. You'd traveled, maybe in a plane? A plane is loaded with germs and at least a couple people were probably sick.

Let us know what happens.

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Thank you, i will ask the doctor to check for those things you mentioned when i take a visit. To add, i dont see discharge come out on its own, only when squeezed - I had been checking myself for discharge by squeezing from shalf to head since the vegas trip, and i never saw any light white discharge, until i started pushing up between the anus and scortum to try and get the dribble out - i hope i didnt injure my prostate if it is that - more importantly, i hope its not an STD.

And we traveled by car from LA to Vegas, and back.
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So first, leave yourself alone lol. If you have an STD with symptoms, you won't have to manipulate your body to see them.

I'd say that injuring your prostate is worse than an STD. Any infection you have in your urethra can be easily cured with antibiotics. Injuring your prostate isn't quite so easily taken care of.

Just let your body be, and don't squeeze or press or anything. Make time to get checked out. Let us know what happens, and feel better. :)
Hi AJ,

I have a few more questions while I wait to see a doctor. So my discharge doesn't seem like most discharge people are talking about on here. I really have to squeeze as much as I can to get any kind of fluid out. In the morning however, it's a lot easier to squeeze out, and it's more solid white than clear like throughout the day. Is this indicative of any kind of STD? Also what color is usually a discharge?

Also, I don't feel any sort of discomfort when I urinate. Is an pain while urinating usually accompanied by discharge?

Thank you in advance!
It's not abnormal to have discharge in the morning. Still, squeezing to get a discharge out doesn't really make it an STD symptom.

If you have an infection, the discharge can really vary in color and texture. Since you're squeezing it, remember that it's not really an STD symptom.

When are you going to the doctor? Do you have an appointment? The only way to know for sure if you have an infection is to test.
And remember that your risk is really close to non-existent.
Thank you for that information. I am looking to go maybe tomorrow morning or Saturday. If not, then Monday.

Also, is it possible that the STD discharge is just building up? Thats why I have to squeeze it out, or does it just start immediately all at once? The amount has been consistent for two days, stayed the same, require squeezing. I don't have any stains on my underwear btw.
No, it's not building up. Stop squeezing. Let your body be and see what it does naturally. That's the only way you'll know if you have discharge.

Seriously, stop squeezing, and remember that you really had no risk, statistically.

Stop squeezing. Your penis is your friend. Treat it kindly.
Thanks AJ. I think I have been over doing my penis squeezing. I've been checking more than 5 times a day, intense squeezing to see if any discharge would come out, ever since I left vegas.

I got this piece from a medical site searching on Google:
Clear fluid from the penis is normal. A discharge that looks like milk or pus means that you still have an infection. ... Squeezing the penis more often may cause irritation and discharge even when there is not an infection.
Hi AJ,

I went to the clinic today and got tested. Did the whole STD panel with blood work. Results will be in in 2 weeks, such a long time. :(

I told the care provider about my situations and she doesn't think it can by gonorea nor Chlamydia. I also told her about my urinating dribble issue. She said it's possible, but I'm too young to have it, but won't hurt to get it checked. I might have to go to a urologist for that.

That's where I'm at so far. Now the waiting game :(
Hi AJ,

I went to the clinic today and got tested. Did the whole STD panel with blood work. Results will be in in 2 weeks, such a long time. :(

I told the care provider about my situations and she doesn't think it can by gonorea nor Chlamydia. I also told her about my urinating dribble issue. She said it's possible, but I'm too young to have it, but won't hurt to get it checked. I might have to go to a urologist for that.

That's where I'm at so far. Now the waiting game :(
Btw, my urethra started itching a bit today. Discharge is still the same as other days. No pain during urination, but do feel a slight burn after urination..
Lots of docs think there is an age factor to prostate issues. There isn't.

Remember that you really had very little risk, if any. She barely licked you. Try to keep perspective.

And do you mean that you've been squeezing your penis more than 5x a day? You may have irritated everything. Just leave it all alone for now.

Is this type of anxiety normal for you? If it is, you should address this with your doctor. The anxiety you're feeling is not proportionate at all to the level of risk you have.

Go out and do something fun this weekend. Don't touch your penis at all (except to urinate, etc.). Don't look for discharge, sores, anything. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and lay off the alcohol and caffeine. DO NOT SQUEEZE. You could really be irritating things.
Well, I've been doing it more than 5x a day lol..I've actually sort of stopped now that I got checked. Just going to wait for the results. It was pretty itchy this morning, but it went away already, and urinating seems to be fine again.

No, it's not normal for me, it's just me trying to get to the bottom of what I have. If everything comes back negative, then I need to take myself to a urologist.

I'll try to get a breather and put my mind off this.

Looks like I wasn't crazy after all. I tested positive for Chlamydia. It just sucks knowing how I got it, and knowing that even tho I tried to prevent it, I still got it. I'm getting pills for it today, and going into the clinic tomorrow to get shots to get it treated.
Okay, this changes things.

Chlamydia is rarely, if ever, transmitted by oral sex. I've never seen a case of it, most experts never have either.

So, have you or your girlfriend had sex outside the relationship? How long have you been together? Is it possible that either one of you had this prior to being together? Has your gf been tested? She needs to test and then treat.

Maybe this girl was just heavily infectious. My girlfriend and I have never had sex with anyone else outside of our relationship. Even when we were at the swingers club, we tried to avoid the other people, and I trust her with my life. I myself have not cheated on her either.

The other girl from the swinger club was giving the other guy she was with a hj and a bj, when she tried to give me a bj after..and she did give me a hand job - my penis was also wet when I received the hj from the other girl because my girlfriend was giving me oral.

I let my GF know already, she was devastated and scared. She will be getting tested and treated today. I told her to tell her proilcider that I tested positive so that she can get treated even if she doesn't have it.
And yes, she's been tested before which she came back negative..we've been together for a little over a year.
Was she tested prior to your relationship or during it? Has she been tested now? I hope she gets tested now before she gets treated.

The handjob doesn't factor in here at all.

There's a good possibility that one of you had this prior to the relationship. You can have chlamydia for a long time without symptoms. If the other woman at the party had given you a full BJ, then I might consider that you're one of the very, very rare people that got chlamydia from oral sex, but she barely licked you. If someone has chlamydia, it resides in the throat, not on the tongue. Your penis didn't get in her throat. That's why cunnilingus is lower risk than fellatio - nothing is going in anyone's throat.

I understand this is upsetting, but no matter how you got it, it's easily cured with antibiotics. Make sure to not have sex for at least 7 days from your last treatment (I think you mentioned you were getting a shot today or tomorrow), and your gf is getting treated today, so either next Monday or Tuesday, depending), and you should be fine with no long lasting complications.
We both got tested during our relationship which came back negative. She's going to get treated and tested today.
Well, my GF and I just got treated. Lesson learned when going to these swinger clubs, protection even if between you and your loved one because there are other people that will join in without consent.

Thank you to everyone here for providing insight and information to help me get through this.

For those who think you may have contracted an STD, get tested no matter how little your symptom is. It will help you from anxiety and also prevent you from passing it on to others, stay safe and protected. Hope this helps anyone who is/or willing be going through what I went through.
You might want to talk to the people who run the swinger club. My understanding of them is that everything that  happens needs explicit consent, and that members have to follow those rules.

There's something about this that isn't ringing right for me, but the important thing is that you all are tested and treated. Thanks for the updates.
Yeah, that's what I thought as well. She didn't even ask, just went for it..I feel like calling her out on a help a review but that would be cruel to do.

I'm very positive that this occurance is what gave me the Chlamydia. All the symptoms I experienced seemed to have aligned with the events. I went to the swinger club, then 3-4 days later I had a fever that lasted a few hours, then 2 weeks and a half later, I started seeing slight fluid discharge, then a couple days later, started the ithcing and slight pain whole urinating.
It could be that the other girl also spit on my penis for lube as well. Also she was also giving the other guy she was with a hj and oral then moved to me right away with the hj, and the 1-2 second oral.
I don't think you need to call her out in public, but just let the organizers know. If she's done it to you, chances are she's done it to others, and will do it again.

Hand jobs never transmit STDs.

In any case, the important thing is that you got tested and treated. Ultimately, that's really all that matters.

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Get Screened for Mycoplasma Genitalium ASAP
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One of the symptoms for that is watery discharge..I don't get watery discharge.
He barely had oral sex, and MG transmission by oral is thought to be very unlikely.


I have never heard of MG. But looking it up it looks troubling. I don’t understand what watery discharge means. Like what we be difference in color/texture from say urine?
It's not troubling for you. You barely had a risk. Don't let your anxiety take over here.

MG is an old infection that has been getting some new, needed attention over the past few years.

Watery discharge means that you'd see discharge that's thin and well, like water, when you weren't urinating.

Remember that she barely licked you for a second, literally. In theory, this may be a risk. In practice, this isn't really anything. I understand why you are anxious - she did something you didn't want her to do, and that's scary - but that doesn't equal risk.
Understood! :) Thank you AJ. I'm clear now. I will update everyone on here when I see the doc. :)

Definitely leave you penis alone my friend.  I was obsessed with having an STD and would be squeezing and checking all the time due to having pain in the urethra.  Once I had a negative test (well, 3 actually) I left myself alone and hey presto, no more pain.  Aunite Jessi is right, there wasn't any risk here
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