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I encountered an intercourse with a prostitute on October 10, 2023 at a spa massage center. I was wearing a condom from the beginning and I found out that the condom was slipped during intercourse when I pulled out. The woman pulled out the condom with her fingers and told me it had not gone much far inside of her vagina. But I was frustrated and went to public clinic next day (October 11th, 2023) and explained the scenario to a doctor. The doctor told me that I do not to need to worry and since I asked she did a HIV rapid test and some other tests for other STIs. All the tests came negative but they were all taken even before 24 hours after the exposure. I received PEP for 28 days. Honestly, I was not very good with pill intake timing. I missed two doses on two separate days but I took the doses as soon as I remembered them. None of those doses were delayed more than 36 hours. And I took other doses in the morning and at night as prescribed (but wasn't puntual). After completing the PEP course, I was asked to come for a test on October 22, 2023. Another doctor visited me this day. After going through my file, two blood samples were taken for HIV Serology test and Syphilis. I was told that I will be getting my results on next week. What I want to know is how bad things can go south for me with the things happened around me? What is the possibility of getting other STIs that my doctor did not test on me?

Note : I didn't get any fever, rash or any symptoms over this time period.
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I agree with GR also.

Condoms slip for a whole host of reasons and it is perfectly normal for it to slip of when you start to loose your erection and you pull out. The head of the penis would still be covered so there was no risk.
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So, you had on a condom but just the base rolled up. You've already been told that there is zero risk of HIV from that so hope you've understood that. And in the absence of symptoms, I would not be worried about syphilis either.
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Thanks, bit unfortunately she told me that she felt that I was ejaculating inside her vagina. She also asked that I was finished. But I continued though I was ejaculated for one minute I guess. Does that mean condom was totally off from my penis?
When she pulled the condom out, did see you anything inside it?

I think with this situation, its good to assume that the condom fell off and you were not protected for a short while. Although, due to the brevity, the risks are still there.

After the Prep,  did they test for all the STIs or only HIV and syph?
Sorry, i couldn't see the condom. Not all. Only those two.
Ok, the chances of anything with no symproms at this stage is unlikely. I would move on if no symptoms appear.
Look like the case similar to mine, and the difference is the worker applied some cream before put on the condom

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