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Lump on foreskin

Hello community! For 10 days now I’ve been having this reddish small pimple-like lump on my foreskin. It appeared last week just after masturbation. The thing I am worried about is that apx 7-8 weeks before that I went to a massage parlor, where I did not have sex, but the therapist massaged my penis probably with the same hand she used to stimulate herself earlier.
The lump doesn’t itch, doesn’t hurt, I think it is a bit smaller than when it appeared, it is not open, doesn’t ooze or discharge, but it’s still there.
Could this be a sign of an sti contacted apx 2 monthes earlier?
Do I need to stay away from my wife?
Hope to hear optimistic responses and thank you for what you do!
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Here's an oldie but goodie from MedHelp's back posts:

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What your describing is more of an irritation from masturbation not a symptom of any std.
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Tks a lot. In the mean time I have measures it and it is apx 5 mm in diameter. Is there antthing I should be on the lookout? When do you think I must see a dr?
I think it doesn't sound like an STD, but since it's been there for 10 days, now is a good time to let a doctor see it.

There's no risk from the massage, but that doesn't mean it's not something you need to get checked. Lots of things happen on the skin that need treatment that aren't STDs.

Good luck.
Thanks, I will. Till then should I consider avoiding sex with my wife? Tks again
Is this massage encounter the only possible risk you had? If so, you don't need to avoid sex, unless it's painful or irritating, or if the lump forms a head and starts leaking fluid.

But really, just go get it checked. Don't wait.
Yep, that’s the only risk I’ve had, and will get checked, just to be sure. Thank you very much!
Unless you think your wife will somehow be able to tell that you got a hand job from a sex worker if you refrain from having sex with her, in your shoes I would hold off on sex (unless with a condom).  

Though it's probably nothing you got from the sex worker you mentioned (though it could be from something you got earlier that's been lying dormant), it *is* visible a pimple-like bump. A woman's vagina has tender tissues and can be a good place for viruses, for example, to take hold. (Has she been vaccinated against HPV?) If it were genital warts or herpes, or somehow caused by the human papillomavirus, you would not want to expose her to them, right?

If you suggest having sex using a condom and she asks why, just explain that you have this thing -- maybe nothing, maybe "just a pimple," maybe a virus, or a cyst, or bacterial, but you think it would be a good idea to protect her from the possibilities until the doctor diagnoses what it is from and tells you it can't be spread.

Your idea that the sex worker used the same hand she used to stimulate herself earlier and therefore gave you an STD seems a little far-fetched as a transmission method -- I would not worry about that. But it wouldn't be particularly fair to your wife to expose her until you know it's not anything that can be passed on.
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