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Man worried about STI transmission to girlfriend

40 year old male here in an otherwise good relationship that on occasion messes around with other guys as stress relief. I know, stupid.
Specifically 3 or 4 in last year or so. The encounters never include anything but mutual masturbation and unprotected oral. Mainly me receiving the oral ( usually light) until I ejaculate into their mouth. With one I performed very light oral ( shaft-ball lick) and very light annalingus giving and receiving.
I have never had any symptoms like burning during urination, puss, or rash. Just shame and anxiety after.

Which leads me to my worry. For the past 2 months my girlfreind ( she's 45 ) has been complaining about pain in the back of her knee ( posterior knee pain)
It's getting progressively worse. Sometimes it's severe and sometimes it's tolerable but she says it's always there. Pretty bad in the mornings, very bad on stairs and if she's on her feet all day bad as well. Extending it really hurts her. There's no sign of swelling, redness or rash. Nor has she complained of a fever. She doesn't feel a lump and really can't press to find a localized pain spot. There was no triggering injury or event. it just started hurting while she was sitting down one day. The only other factor is that she just started working out again for 3 weeks prior to the pain (mainly cardio glider) but doesn't remember any injury during a workout. She is overweight.
She doesn't have any other symptoms of any VD that she says ( burning urination-discharge etc...) The only other noteworthy thing is that about a week prior to her last 2 periods ( with the exception of the most recent period last week where there were no sharp pains prior), she experienced several sharp lower pelvic pains but then had a normal period with normal menstral pains. No bleeding between periods or anything but she did say that she has pain during sex initially but then it goes away after a few minutes. We very rarely have sex tho( once every few months if that)
She has not done much to treat the knee. Only some Ibuprofen that doesn't help she says. She will be seeing a dr soon.

My biggest fear is that I unknowingly passed something to her and now she's experiencing gonococial arthritis, septic arthritis, and /or PID.

My questions are:

1 How risky were my encounters and what are the chances I got something and passed it?
2 Is the fact that I had no STI symptoms enough to dismiss the STI transmission worry?
3 Are her knee symptoms explainable by way of a physical means like a miniscus tear or osteoarthritis? Even tho there was no identifiable triggering event?
4 Can the pre period sharp pelvic pains be cysts bursting or endometriosis and not PID or STI related? ( They seemed to be menstral cycle related timing wise)

Please help. Am I being overly paranoid or is there a good possibility I gave her something?

I'm worried sick and have barely slept for over a week.

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