MedHelp.org will cease operations on May 31, 2024. It has been our pleasure to join you on your health journey for the past 30 years. For more info, click here.
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MedHelp is closing May 31

Unfortunately, MedHelp will be closing on May 31. You can find more info on that here - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/MedHelp-Closure/show/1857

Gaz and I are looking for another site, and if we find one, we'll let you know here. The best one we've found so far is https://www.inspire. com/groups/american-sexual-health-association/

It's not super busy, and a bit clunky, but it's there.

If you are looking for an ask-an-expert, www.askexpertsnow.com - Drs. Handsfield and Hook, and Terri Warren, who all used to be on this site, all answer over there. Terri Warren can also be found on her site, westoverheights.com.

Both the Inspire and askexpertsnow site are run by/associated with ASHA.  

It's been a pleasure helping you for so long.
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Good luck all! AJ and myself will be over on Inspire. It's been a pleasure
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oh , no
There are three days left.
I'll be very anxious if I can't find another site...
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I've added a link to another site. But really, you should do yourself the ultimate favor and address your anxiety.

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