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Need help with symptoms

I received unprotected oral sex on penis in February 2022. No kissing and I did not perform oral. I had a burning sensation on penis and tingling hands and feet shortly after. I tested negative for gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trich, hsv, hiv, syphilis at 1 month and then again at 3 months. I was convinced it was in my head. Now, for the past 6 weeks my tongue has been white and I have a swollen Frenulum under tongue. Sore throat and inside of bottom lip is raw as well.  It’s not thrush. My physician said that my urine test 2 weeks ago showed ureaplasma, but he didn’t seem concerned by this.  What’s wrong with me? Should I test for something else?
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I agree totally with Annie.

This is not an STD, and you've tested negative for all of them. Ureaplasma is found naturally in the urinary tract, and overgrowth can be naturally occuring, and isn't transmitted by oral sex.

You had oral sex 9 months ago. Let it go. For real, let it go. Oral sex is much lower risk than vaginal or anal. You've tested negative for everything.

What you have now isn't related. If it persists, see a dentist or follow up with your doctor. If you are able to brush it off or clean it with a tongue scraper, it's not thrush. (ONLY use a tongue scraper - don't use a knife or anything else. Start with a toothbrush and toothpaste, though.)
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Tongues get white for pretty inconsequential reasons; it could be unrelated to anything. You say "for the past 6 weeks my tongue has been white and I have a swollen Frenulum under tongue, sore throat and inside of bottom lip..." -- are you saying you have also had the swelling and sore throat for 6 weeks, or only the white tongue (and the rest is more recent?) If more recent, like the past week or ten days, you might try taking a Covid test. A sore throat is really common issue with Covid, and a vaccinated person might only show with that as a symptom and nothing much more.
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I tested negative for Covid.  And yes, sore throat for 6 weeks now.
Then continue to work with your doctor. It might be allergies or something. It is not an STD - you didn't give oral sex, so you wouldn't have oral symptoms.
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