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Need help with undiagnosed burning symptoms?

I was hoping to get some help or direction. I am a 24 year old male and I had an exposure with a sex worker in Mexico on sept. 15th. We kissed, I received unprotected oral sex and had brief protected vaginal sex. 3 days after I started feeling burning in my urethra. I went in to see the doctor and had blood work and urine test done that day, also received a flu shot. Everything came in negative.

6 days after the exposure I started feeling burning lips and a burning feeling on the skin of arms, stomach and groin. (May be anxiety related?). At about 8 days after I started to feel chills, but never took my temperature to confirm if this was a fever or more anxiety related symptoms.

I went back to my doctor the following week, where he decided to preemptively treat me for gonorrhea. Took a shot of Azithromycin and was perscribed 2 weeks of doxycycline. I have started to feel lower back pain and some tingling in my feet and gastrointestinal pains (form the antibiotics?)

I took another round of urine and blood tests on day 11 and was negative of herpes, HIV, syphillus, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Day 16 I started to feel pain in the lymph node area. Mostly on the right side.

I do not see any blisters or lesions on my genitals. I do have a sore/pimple on my lip which I can’t identify at this time. Can lips tingle for more than a week before a cold sore shows?

I have had a consistent mild sore throat since the first week. Mild lymph node neck swelling here and there.

Any ideas as to what STD/STI i may be feeling symptoms for? Any recommendations?

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We can rule out chlamydia and gonorrhea. Other stds dont really give symptoms like the ones you described. Some of them sounds like anxiety related issues.
You should follow up with your doctor to rule out any infections.
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1) I do not think you went to see the doctor
2) If you did saw the doctor, stop seeing him/her because the procedures are all wrong and the time frame is too short for your test
3) azithromycin is not in the form of injection and is not used for gonorrhea
4) could be herpes or other neurology related conditions
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I may have written this post too hastily. But I appreciate the response! I’ll try to shed some more light on my original post.

When I first saw the doctor about getting an STD test I mentioned that it would just be a routine test as I was embarrassed about my exposure. I hadn’t shown any symptoms at that point. I had the blood and urine test done the same day. Later that day I developed a burning sensation when I urinate. I still feel it today.

I was in contact with the doctor and made an appointment the following week to discuss the burning skin, tingling lips and burning urethra sensation. At that point he decided based off of my symptoms to treat for gonorrhea. I’m not sure what the shot was, but I took a shot in the butt muscle and was giving doxycycline for two weeks. The clinic didn’t have anyone to administer the antibiotic shot, I was sent to the local urgent care to have the shot administered. This was day 11, where they also took another blood test, urine test and swab.

Currently I feel a slight pain in the right side of my groin? Lymph node? Tingling lips, random skin burning, dry throat, chills and burning while urination.

I did have a small amount of clear discharge the first week but nothing since then.

Like I said earlier I have not noticed any blisters/lesions in the genital area. There may be a blister on my lip or it could be a pimple ( I get pimples on my lips a few times a year).

I know anxiety is causing havoc on my body. I wondering if I am feeling prodrome for HSV or if this is some sort of infection in the urethra/bladder.
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