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Ngu? Gonorrhea ? blood in urine

I received unprotected oral sex from a csw on several occasions. over the course of a few weeks. I then began to develop these symptoms.
Redness and irritation at the tip of my penis.
Progressed to pain when urinating but only as the stream begins. The pain subsides mid stream or so.
Blood in urine at the beginning of urination. Goes away after of few seconds.
Urine stream is all over the place like a sprinkler sometimes. Even when I have not ejaculated. Sometimes it's normal.
I have no cloudy or milky discharge just some clear liquid which I assumed was residual urine.

I know this  is wrong but I felt desperate and self treated to save embarrassment and because I have access to most of the meds.Here's what I did

1. Upon burning sensation I took 1 gram of azithromycin waited a few days with no relief.
2. A few days later started doxycycline 2x day for 7 days.This is actually when the blood in the urine began. Still pain during urination
3. After the doxycycline regiment I took 1 gram of azithromycin with 250mg ceftriaxone Im. This gave relief
the pain lessened and there was no longer blood in urine. I took this approx 4-5 days ago and the pain is less but still exists and to my dismay I saw a little blood in my urine again very light and not as much as before.

Please help. I am confused. I thought that NGU was easily treated with the azithromycin or doxycycline
I also thought gonorrhea and chlamydia where accompanied by some kind of puss like discharge.
I porcrastinated making a Dr's appt because of all this covid crisis has made all of the clinics and offices full.

one more question if I had blood in the urethra but did not know it while recieving oral sex is that a concern for HIV ?
I have read many times that cuts and blood in the mouth make no difference. Wanted to know if my case was similar.
Thank you for your time and the wonderful service you provide
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You need to see your doctor, and do it soon. Even if you are in a really high covid area like California or Florida, you need to be seen.

It sounds as if you have a prostate infection. It can be caused by an STD, but might not be. It could be a urinary tract infection that's spreading. Unfortunately, you took antibiotics, which may interfere with testing for STDs, but you need to go to the doctor anyway.

Blood in your urine always indicates an urgent need to see a doctor. That, the pain at the tip of your penis and the urine spray all indicate a prostate infection or inflammation.

Get checked by your regular doctor and ask for a referral to a urologist. A urologist isn't going to be inundated by covid.

Don't wait on this. A UTI or STD that goes untreated can cause serious problems.

Please let us know how you're doing.
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