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Oral STD - Real chance?

Hey guys,

Just a quick question - what are the real chances of acquiring an STD from oral sex?  I mean, what is the risk of a quick blowjob performed on a male?

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Yes, there is some risk for herpes, syphilis, oral gonorrhea and chlamydia for the one who is giving unprotected oral.
The risk is low, much lower than during vaginal or anal sex, but it is real.
There are documented case reports and real stories on Medhelp to back it up. How low the risk is depends on many things.
I assume you are asking not out of sheer curiosity. If you describe your exposure, our community members will help you to assess your risk.
Take care.
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Well it's not all about curiosity.  I'm more interested on the receiving end of oral.  I received oral last May and was wondering what are the chances of having acquired something. - 3 months have gone by without any visible symptoms such as discharge and no pain or burning after urinating.
In your case there is nothing much to worry about.
I am not an expert on viral STIs (hsv1 and hpv) transmission risks, so I'll leave that to other members to comment upon those.
Receiving unprotected oral puts you at low risk for gonorrhea, NGU and syphilis. All of them normally would show hard-to-miss symptoms by now.
Syphilis rates are on the rise among the MSM population, you should keep that in mind. While in 2000s it would be an extremely rare outcome to catch it from oral sex, the risks are somewhat higher now.
Cheers man.  Honestly that's what I thought of it.  Gonorrhea would show symptoms even if some men would be asymptomatic - as is the case with syphilis.  

Forgot to mention that oral sex was performed by a female.  I noticed no sores on or around her mouth too.  
If you haven't noticed any symptoms since May, I'd let it go.

As grobrick said, chances of getting an STD from oral are a lot lower than from penetrative sex, and while you definitely still can, without symptoms all this time later, I'd not worry at all.

Receiving oral puts you at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes type 1, NGU, and HPV. Syphilis is uncommon is most developed countries, though it is on the rise in MSM.

Again, though, since you haven't had any symptoms, I'd let it go. Experts don't think one act of oral sex warrants testing.

Thank you @grobick2000 and @auntiejessi
You're welcome :)

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