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Oral application of condom sore or irritation on lower lip

I posted this yesterday does anyone have any thoughts? “Thank you for having this community! I am really scared. Today I went to a massage place and the woman there applied a condom with her mouth. Normally I know this is not particularly risky, but afterwards I noticed that she had what looked like sores at the base of her lip under her lipstick. It could have just been broken from dry lips or a canker sore, but it also could have been HSV. I asked her about it and she said that it was from “bad sleep” and happens when she doesn’t get enough sleep. She said it’s okay. She seemed like a very nice person, but I am not sure what she meant by it being from “bad sleep.” She is from South Korea and only spoke a bit of English, and we communicated mostly in Japanese because I speak it and she speaks a little Japanese. She said the same thing when I asked in Japanese. Essentially, it’s from “bad sleep.”

I had HSV1 as a teenager, but am afraid this situation put me at risk for HSV2 because she applied the condom with her mouth and could have gone past the base of the condom during oral sex (although that seems less likely). All oral and vaginal sex was protected. What is my risk given the above information?”
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So it sounds like she might have hsv1 - lack of sleep is a trigger for an hsv1 outbreak. Obviously, this is speculation, and I don't know what she has, and maybe she doesn't either.

If it is, though, if you have it - and once you have hsv1, you always have it - you can't get it again. You have antibodies that protect you from getting it in a different location. If you got herpes on your genitals from oral sex, you'd have genital herpes type 1, not hsv2. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location of it.

That said, don't let anyone with a mouth sore perform oral on you. It sounds a lot like this is hsv1, but oral sores can be bacterial that you can get on your genitals, or syphilis, or any number of things you don't want. Also, if someone is sick with a cold, the flu, or other upper respiratory illness, or even strep, you can get that infection in your urethra.

The condom protected you significantly if it was bacterial, though, and it really does sound like hsv1, which you already have.

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Thank you very much! I very much appreciate your answering!
You're welcome :)
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