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Oral gonorrhea or clymydia

How common is this? My son had sore throat and viral infection which triggered an asthma attack and his doctor said that there was a virus going around it's possible I may have that, but I performed oral sex about two weeks prior I don't have any cold symptoms but my throat started hurting and it is difficult to swallow food or even just to swallow
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Even if you have oral gonorrhea, you wouldn't pass it to your son. (There was a recent study that suggest that French kissing, or kissing with tongue, may transmit it, but it still requires a lot more research to prove it, and I'm assuming you aren't kissing your son with tongue.) Regular, casual contact doesn't transmit gonorrhea.

You should get checked for it - they can test your throat for it - though it's possible you have the same virus your son has.

Hope you both feel better soon!
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Thanks, I wasn't referring to kissing my son, lol, I threw that out there because he did just have a virus with cold-like symptoms so I probably have genital focused anxiety and the same virus he has
Lol one never knows here, and lots of people think that a casual kiss (the kind that might pass between a father and son) can transmit oral gonorrhea. I cover all bases, just in case. :)

Yes - I think your diagnosis is accurate. Hope you are both feeling better now.
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