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Penis Ulcers

I got a strange set of ulcers on my penis. Embarrassing yes. I do on occasion get follicle infections from sex with women, they go away in a few days usually and effect only the hair follicles. I thought this is what this was. It stared out like that but the. On the side of my penis i noticed one ulcered out about 1/4 inch-3/8 inch. It was painless circular in pattern. The other ulcer was lower toward the base and slightly smaller and then one higher, far smaller hardly noticeable. They all are regulars circle and didn’t start with a blister as traditional hs2, and it’s not like traditional one sore Syphilis, however the ulcers are circular in pattern and painless for the most part. They aren’t irregular like a chancroid, also they are ozing pus. I did some research and saw that for the chancriod and Syphilis can be treated with azithromycin and syphilis can be treated with 2g single dose of azithromycin taken early on. I went ahead and took 3g to make sure.

I also started taking amoxicillin 500mg tid for other infection i have simotaneously. I basically got a gi infection the week before, then following week a stye, nasal infection, sore throat, and ulcers on my penis (the ladder all at the same time) complete with cold chills, joint pain and body pain. I don’t think the ulcers are associated to the head based infections.

I am now starting to feel better a week later but the penis ulcers seem about the same and additionally two small irregular shaped ulcers have formmed under the tip of my penis on the frendulm area one in each side. They are sore and right on the crease. Small one the side of a pen tip point the other about 1/8-1/4”

I think I am well covered from the azithromycin for Syphilis, and from what I read if it’s more of a hs1 it will typical not reoccur.

My question is how long does it take for Syphilis ulcers to heal after antibiotic treatment?

What kind of wound care should I do for the ulcers? Neo sporin and antifungles don’t seen to help, they have serous drainage so they are wet. I think a silver impregnated dry gauze would work best but, I am traveling abroad and have been just keeping it dry and airing my **** out when I can.

Any tips and suggestions?
I plan on getting
Hiv, hs2, Syphilis, malaria (in india).
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Hi i would rule out syphilis as it doesnot ozz pus but are painless bumps.
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