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Penis discomfort

About two weeks ago I had protected sex. The condom was still on my penis when we were finished but I have had frequent urination for a week. The frequent urination has stopped but I have penis discomfort. There's no burning  or discharge  but just discomfort. Could there have been a pinhole in the condom causing a std.
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Having sexual relationships is something that can cause physical discomfort, that can last for weeks in some cases. If your sexual encounter was protected, there is not too much to worry about, but some STDs like syphilis, herpes and HPV can be transmitted even when condom is used.

Wait for a few more days, and if the discomfort sensation is still there, visit your doctor. It would also be interesting to test for those STDs i talked to you about. You should do it as follows:

-Herpes, 3 months after the encounter.
-Syphilis, 6 weeks after the encounter, and if your result is negative, repeat the test 3 months after the encounter, as there are people that take longer to show a positive result.
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but it wouldnt be gohnnoreah or chlamydia ?
No, not if you used a condom. Condoms don't have pinholes.

You could have a urinary tract infection, which is totally unrelated to sex, or if you received oral sex, you could be at risk for gonorrhea and NGU, which is an infection in the urethra that can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra.

In any cause, since the discomfort has lingered, you should get it checked. It may be anxiety, but it could be something that needs to be treated.
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