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Pimple or potential herpes?

Hello all,

I'll try to be as descriptive as possible, while making this short and to the point. A few weeks ago, I received unprotected oral sex for approximately 10 minutes or so. I didn't finish.

Since then, I've had a pimple-like thing form under the head of my penis. It looks exactly like a pimple (and I've had a few pimples in the same spot before over the last X amount of years), whitehead and all. It isn't painful until pressure is applied to it. It feels mostly firm to the touch.

I have no other symptoms, otherwise -- I feel totally fine. I'm concerned it's herpes from the oral sex, however I'm not 100% certain. It's only been present for a few days now. It has the usual characteristics of a pimple, such as a small amount of pus will come out when squeezed.

That said, I'm an overweight guy and I recently started working out, relatively intensely. So, this is either an awful coincidence, or I contracted herpes from the oral sex.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I agree with Life360. While you can get genital herpes type 1, it would look like blisters, not a pimple. Since you've had this before, it's probably just a clogged oil gland (a pimple).
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Thank you for your response! I sincerely appreciate it. It definitely looks more like a pimple and it has been shrinking over the last few days. I'm hoping it's cleared up within the next 2-3 days.
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Hi for many reasons what your describing would not be considered a herpes out break. Herpes are very painful sores with no white head that spread to the surrounding area. Also getting herpes from oral sex as hsv 1, which is considered oral doesnot prefer the genital area. Its more from vaginal sex which is hsv 2.
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I appreciate your prompt response. Out of curiosity, however, a final question: what do you mean by painful? Painful as in it would hurt 24/7 regardless of whether or not there was contact with it? It only hurts when I apply pressure. However I felt slight pain when I was drying off from a shower, though I'm guessing that was from being somewhat aggressive about drying off (I was in a hurry).
Herpes sores hurt all the time you have them. The level of pain varies from person to person, but they are sore and tender. It doesn't sound like that's what you are experiencing.
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