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Possible Infection by Receiving Unprotected Oral Sex

Hello, wish you all doing well and A lot of Thanks for Accepting me here .

Let me describe what I've been through , I gone to an African Prostitute , and I had A blowjob by her for about 3-4 minutes , and some deep throat , that's all the sexual contact .

I noticed after I finished that she has A very bad mouth smell , and I couldn't see a lot details because it was almost dark , but I entered the bathroom and washed my penis and come back to home and took A shower and washed myself .

It's now exactly 2 weeks after that , I noticed some burning feeling while urinating , and I noticed that the same Bad smell I smelled after finishing with her on my penis , is now is present always .. !!!
I noticed also A change in the color of my penis head is near to Glitter pink .... I don't know ... :(
and that's all I noticed as symptoms ..

I am freaking out , I am married and my wife is pregnant , I am going away from my wife since what I did ...

Please Tell me what could I have infected with from the STI's or any other diseases ?
And what I should do now with my wife ? and what tests I need to do ?

I wish you help me to Ease my mind , I am out of it right now .
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Hi the odds of getting any std from oral sex is very low and a white puss penis discharge would be the first thing that would appear about 6 days later. but since your married and shes pregnant youll need to test for the below at the correct window period for her protection.
Gono--- 6 days post exposure
herpes---3 months
syphilis---6 weeks
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Thank you for your response .

I didn't seen any discharge since then .

So this is the only infections that I should be aware of ?

Herpes 1 or 2 I should test for ? and I can not test after 6 weeks for it ?

And can you please Explain to me what is the mechanism of Herpes and Syphilis transfer ? I mean If what I got from her is only saliva then I am infected with these 2 diseases ? or something else ?

And what about having sex with my wife ? I should continue in staying away till I get the results ?

Sorry for too many questions , but I am really in need for the answers , I am in A bad condition .
Also I forgotten , OMG ...! I red that there is No cure for Herpes , so If I got it , then how could I back to my normal life with my wife without infecting her ?

And How it's transferred ?
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I agree with Dave, but you could also have NGU, which is a infection in your urethra. It can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering your urethra. You can test for this and gonorrhea now. Either of these are more likely than herpes or syphilis, but since your wife is pregnant, you should definitely test for those.

Syphilis during pregnancy can be dangerous to the baby, so make sure to follow up on that. If your wife has a herpes outbreak at the time of delivery, it could cause harm to the baby as well.

I'm not saying this to cause more guilt, but just so you know how important this is.
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Thank you for your response .

What is the Proper test for NGU ? and If it comes from Normal mouth bacteria then I could had it from my wife ???

And If I got Syphilis and Herpes , how could I stop it from transferring to her ? only by stopping having sex ? or there are other ways I may give it to her ?
And only these diseases that you mentioned that I should take care of ?

I messed up everything , I hate myself .

Please forgive me for all those questions .
Ok first, please calm down. I know that you are feeling really badly right now, and there is a lot at stake, but you'll get through this.

NGU is usually diagnosed by a urine test. You'll probably just have to pee in a cup.

Syphilis is cured with antibiotics, and that's a blood test.

Do you already have oral herpes? Many people do. If you do, you can't get that again genitally. A blood test will be able to determine that. Ask for a type specific IgG blood test.

You don't say where you are, just that you were with an African sex worker. Are you in Africa?
I am trying to calm down ....
I don't know If I have Oral herpes ...
NGU is something I can get from anybody including my wife ?
I am in Asia ...
I will go to take tests for NGU and gono in the next days and I will do syphilis test and HSV 1 and 2 at the end of week 6 ...
But Is there any other bacterial infection should I have test for ?

I am kinda depressed all the way , and can I take A cure for syphilis without knowing If I had it or not ..?

Is Oral herpes have the same bad effect on pregnancy ?
And If I got herpes how could I back to my normal life with my wife cuz it's without A cure right ?

And should I forget everything about HIV ?

Thank you a lot for corporation and sorry for annoying.
Yes, you can get NGU from your wife.

Yes, you can take antibiotics for syphilis without testing positive if the doctor thinks your risk was enough. The doctor would know more about the rates of syphilis in your area of Asia, and if it's high enough to treat. If not, I always suggest not treating since all meds have side effects, and taking antibiotics you don't need creates resistance to that medication.

Yes, you can forget about HIV.

Oral herpes has no effect on pregnancy. I don't know how your wife would react to you having genital hsv1. It rarely transmit from the genitals (hsv2 definitely does - I know it's confusing, but the number indicates the strsin of the virus, not the location), but it could if she doesn't already have hsv1.

Again, though - most exposures don't result in transmission.

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