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Possible STD?

15 days ago I had unprotected oral followed by protected sex. 7 days later I started experiencing a burning sensation in my urethra and inner thighs. The burning sensation in my legs went away but the burning in the urethra continued. I took 3 antibiotics (Cefixime, Azithromycin, and MetroNidazole) incase I contracted chlamydia or gonorrhea. I also took the 10 panel std test with all coming back negative. I did receive a false positive for hsv-2. The burning in my urethra has not stopped and now the burning in my inner thighs is back. There have been no visible changes. Should I be worried about herpes or any other std considering the time frame for testing on them is too soon?
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Did you take the STD testing before or after you took the antibiotics? If you took them after, you could have false negatives on the STD tests, and the meds probably wouldn't cure gonorrhea.

I'm assuming you received the unprotected sex, and the info following is based on receiving. If you gave unprotected oral, that info will change, so let me know.

If you receive unprotected oral, you are at risk for gonorrhea, syphilis, NGU and genital herpes type 1.

You can test for gonorrhea and NGU (which is an infection in the urethra caused by anything except gonorrhea) at 5 days. Azithromycin usually cures NGU, but NGU can be caused by things like adenovirus (causes upper respiratory infections), so it may just need time to run it's course. The current recommended treatment for gonorrhea is a shot that you'll need to get from a doctor. There is a lot of resistance to other medications, like cefixime.)

You can test for syphilis at 6 weeks, but that wouldn't give you these symptoms. That causes a round, painless sore. If you don't get that, I wouldn't worry, as syphilis is less common than the others.

If you get herpes from someone giving you oral sex, you have genital herpes type 1, not type 2. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location. If you already have hsv1 orally, you can't get this again genitally.

Ghsv1 could give you some of these symptoms, but you would have had visible outbreaks by now. You can get sores in your urethra, but I'm told it is intense pain. (I'm not a male, so I haven't experienced this.)

How's your water intake? Do you drink a lot of alcohol and/or caffeine? Alcohol and caffeine can irritate the bladder, which can irritate the urethra.

Have you actually seen a doctor? You really should.
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