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Possible STD

I'd like some advice please. I am a gay man who has sex with men. 5 days ago I gave unprotected oral sex to a new partner and he ejaculated in my mouth which I swallowed.

Almost straight away the tip of my tongue began burning and the next morning my tongue was coated white and felt irritated. I had a sore throat which has gone but now the roof of my mouth behind my front teeth is also sore.

I was recently tested for STIs before engaging in this sexual activity with new partner

Hepatitis B and C

All tests came back negative. I'm worried I now have an STI like herpes as my symptoms are not improving. My new partner is on PREP and gets tested regularly but I don't know when he was last tested. I think he has multiple sexual partners.

I wrote to an online pharmacy with my symptoms and they advised I could have oral thrush and recommend Nystatin oral suspension liquid. I ordered this but it has not arrived yet. I'm very worried. I'm not sure if I should go back to the sexual health clinic and get retested yet as it could be too soon for a positive result to show up.

I've been reading online and I am not sure it is oral thrush. As a gay man who only has sex with men, and my Partner being exclusively gay, how likely is it that I could have caught oral thrush from him by giving him oral sex? I'm concerned it could be something more serious.

Given my symptoms, what am I at risk of contracting in terms of STIs and should I be concerned? Thanks.
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The symptoms you say you have is not suggestive of an STI. Here is why:

1) Symptoms start AT LEAST 2 days to a week or so later. Straight away and the next morning is way to soon.
2) As a whole oral STIs are not that common.
3) A white tongue is not a symptom. Could be thrush, could be trauma behind the tooth.
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Thank you for your response. The burning tongue started right away and by the next morning it was coated white. The soreness on the roof of my mouth behind front teeth began around 2 days later. I've tried to have a look as best I could and the palate looks inflamed.

I've not seen a doctor yet. Should I try the nystatin  treatment for possible thrush and then make an appointment if symptoms do not improve within a week of treatment? I'm not sure what to do. I am a wheelchair user so it is difficult for me to get to the doctors office by myself. Sorry if this seems silly. I'm just really worried.
See a doctor, even if you do telemed. It's not an STD. An immediate reaction sounds allergic or a sensitivity to something. Did you eat or drink anything while you were there? Was a lube used? A condom?

If it is oral thrush, you didn't get it from this.

I'd be concerned if you treat it as thrush, and it's not thrush, you could make it worse, or make it harder to test what it actually is.

Oops I meant a video doctor call, not telemed, like over the phone where the doctor can't see you.
Thank you. We did not use a condom or lube, it was totally unprotected which is really worrying me. My symptoms are not improving and its been over a week now. The nystatin has arrived and I've been using it for a day. It is not doing anything to improve symptoms so I'm sure it's not oral thrush. I think it could possibly be oral herpes in the beginning stages as no blisters have developed yet. Tongue is still burning and coated white, slightly yellow now too. I'm so worried. I don't know what to do. I haven't told my family but they can all sense I am anxious. I feel terrible. I'm going out of my mind with worry.
My palate behind my front teeth is now a grey colour too. I'm so scared.
You wouldn't have symptoms this long and not get an oral herpes outbreak.

Why don't you go actually see a doctor? Worrying like this isn't helping. Treating for thrush when it may not be thrush isn't helping.

Why do you need to tell your family? How old you are?

No STD changes the color of your mouth to grey. It's just not what any STD does.

Go see a doctor or dentist. Don't wait any longer.
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